Recent Comings and Goings, Literally!

Hey Y’all i just wanted to post some pics here of our recent trip(s). I would post pics of the first one, except i did not take any on that trip, so you will only see pics from the most recent one =) Enjoy

Oh and in case you are wondering, were we went, we drove down to my Abuelita’s house in Boca Raton Florida =) It was very hot!

DSC_0270-2 DSC_0157-2 DSC_0053-2 DSC_0060 DSC_0067-2 DSC_0072-2 DSC_0083-2 DSC_0099-2 DSC_0167-2 DSC_0238 DSC_0249-2 DSC_0262-2

Some of these are of my siblings in the pool at Abuelita’s condo. Noah, my little bro is learning to swim, and he enjoys doing such =)

Black Tie Chocolate Mousse Cheese Cake and Sore ears

Okay so as most of you, know my birthday is today! Yay! Something I’ve found myself impatiently waiting for lately. I’ve been waiting for this day for a while. Then yesterday, i was thinking, and this thought popped into my head,”15! Wow, i can’t actually imagine myself as a fifteen year old, it’s just to hard! I mean like I’ve been waiting to turn 15, like it’s something grand! But I really am just a little bit scared to turn, such a big number! I mean think of it, fifteen, that is a whole decade and a half! And with such  a big number comes with a lot more responsibilities and requirements! And then just think, where did all those years go, when I could do just about anything and people would think it was cute, and just laugh?!” So now y’all get to see what I think! =P But anyway, yes that is what I was thinking and to tell the total truth, yes I am just a little bit scared/nervous to make such a big step in life. But I mean there just is no avoiding it, so what’s the big deal, well I’m sure this will be another year full of the important life decisions, of a teenager, and the slightest slip up and I will not be allowed to forget it, not with all my sisters and and friends and everybody =) With all this said, I hope that this year is full of growth and maturity, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Oh and yes of course i hope this is a year full of happiness and joy, or of course Sunshine =P (Pun intended)

Okay, enough of the rambling =P

So last weekend we were at my Abuelita’s (Grandmother in Spanish) house, in Boca Raton. We live quite a ways from her, like a total of about 250 miles to the north, so we only get to see her at least once a month. And whenever we are down there around somebody’s birthday, we like to go to this special Mexican restaurant for whoever’s birthday it is. So last week, we went to Uncle Julio’s, with Abuelita, and I was just sitting a the table, with a week to go still, till my birthday, and I was just kinda contemplating what exactly what I want for my birthday, because I mean since last year when I got the Nikon D100 camera, for my birthday, I really have not wanted anything else in particular. But there is one thing I have wanted for a long time, and now I think i have a chance that I might be able to get it, this year. I wanted to ask to get my ears pierced this year, for my 15th birthday. So I announced there at the table, that this is what I want, for my birthday. My parents agreed to “think about it” or in reality I think they kinda needed a little bit of time to get used to the idea itself =) So that was fine with me, just a long as they let me know as soon as a decision was made. Well, knowing my parents, as some of y’all do, they love surprises, and it seem that they not only love to surprise us children, but I tend to think they like to surprise me, especially. Don’t ask me me why because I don’t know why, but I think it might be, more fun to surprise me, more than the rest of my siblings, because it’s just a little bit harder to surprise me.

Me and Papa and Mama, a week ago, outside Uncle Julio's  @Mizner Park,

Me and Papa and Mama, a week ago, outside Uncle Julio’s @Mizner Park,

Me and Papa a week ago, outside Uncle Julio's  @Mizner Park,

Me and Papa a week ago, outside Uncle Julio’s @Mizner Park,

I am a very observant person, and several times in the past I have figured out what the plans were without any information just a few observations and a little bit of intuition. So yea, when they want to surprise me, they have to work really hard, in order for it to really be a good surprise =)

So anyways, back to the subject at hand. So, it was not till this past Wednesday that i was informed of the decision. So here is what happened. When Papa got home from school that day, he mentioned having to go sometime and go do some “errands” around town, and that he would probably take me with him. I must add here that my sisters did not know anything about my my request at all, and did not know that I had any plans at all to get my ears pierced. So, then around dinner time, Papa and I finally left the house. I only thought we were going to Claire’s, at the Mall, to get my ears done, I did not know Papa had any other plans. When we got to Claire’s, I was just a little bit nervous, because I did know that there would be some kind of pain involved in the process, but I did not know that extent of the anticipated pain, because I have never gotten my ears pierced before. The lady (for lack of a better term, or title) there was very nice, and assured me that the pain was not very bad at all. Then she cleaned my ears and her hands and got all the stuff ready. Once everything was ready, she then marked my ears so that she would know exactly where to pierce. The first ear, was a little bit startling, and no, I did not jump. =P The second ear was not that bad, either, and that was pretty much it!

After Claire’s Papa announced that he was taking me to Olive Garden for dinner. Another one of my family’s b-day celebration/memorials, is the daughter( Noah still has not participated in this one yet)  and Papa will go out for dinner for a Father-Daughter dinner. I think I started that one, but i’m sure someone will say other wise =P So, we went to Olive Garden. We had a very enjoyable dinner. Papa took a job there at Olive Garden a few months ago, and he just recently quit, so when we went in, of course we were greeted by the hostess and she recognized him immediately as did several other employees there. We were seated in the section that Papa had covered several times before, and our waiter was a young gentleman named Adrial, another one of Papa’s friends.After dinner we enjoyed a slice of the Black Tie Chocolate Mousse Cheese Cake, for desert. It was very yummy.

I had a lot of fun, and I want to thank my awesome Papa, (who informed just about all his friends there at the Olive Garden, of my upcoming 15th birthday) for the wonderful evening and for his letting me get my ears pierced =) Thank you, Papa. I love you.

Shabbat Shalom Y’all

~Sunshine =)



Get a Whiff o’ that, Smell!

Hey Guys! So we have this really super awesome gardenia bush in our backyard, and i’ve been waiting for the buds to finally open! The smell, that just flows from those flowers, is truly amazing and so nice to smell while washing the dishes!! So amazing that such a beautiful flower could ever be created, but then again we have an awesome Creator, that is for sure! And to think that some people can look at such beauty and say there is no God! Don’t get me started! =P Anyway, so as soon as the first one opened up enough, i took a pa-doodle (yep just made that one up!) o’ pics, and so i’m going to share a few of them here =) Hope y’all enjoy =)


                                                                                                                                                                                                         DSC_0025 (2)DSC_0028 (2)

“Let all that hath breath praise God(YHVH)!HaleluYAH!”

~ Psalm 150:6


One un-findable thing

True Love Exists,

You just have to find it,

Hidden in the most unexpected of places,

there it  abodes,

1,000 miles away,

Or in a house on the other side of the block,

Knock and the door will open,

seek and you will find,

Search and it shall be given,

that’s a promise.

So open every door,

be friends with everyone,

keep looking,

don’t worry,

they are out there somewhere,

And when the time is right,




your true love.

You just might already know them.

                                            ~Sunshine Tucker           5-9-2014

For that special someone everyone has, and whoever I meet, someday. =)

Awk+Awe Thursday!

Hey y’all got this idea from my Fav blogger of all time, Olivia Howard, of Fresh Modesty Blog, so i decide to steal/adapt it for my own blog =P  But all credit goes to her =)  Thanks Olivia!



  • Talking to someone about Football a subject i really don’t know much about, but making it through the whole conversation anyway! so funny! =P
  • Repeatedly misspelling hablar = ablar, so many times and not getting it!
  • Having to be told by my guitar teacher that she has to drop me from her class, because i did not finish Module 1 of the class.
  • Texting someone several times, and not receiving anything back from them, therefore making you feel like your bugging them. And then when they do respond it’s to tell you, that “no you are not bugging me at all, just have not been on my texts for a while.”
  • Going with Abuelita to go pick up an order for a spinach pie, at the local Argentinian deli, only to find out they forgot it, and now they are throwing into the oven, and sitting there listening to your Abuelita give them an ear load, in Spanish.


  • Getting to see my Aunt, Uncle and little Cousin, for the first time, in like 8-9 months! Wow little cuz is getting so big, and cute!
  • Getting to spend the day with just Mom and Dad, and me, nobody else, something that does not happen very often! That’s when they let me have Ice Cream! An otherwise no-no, in our house =)
  • Getting to talk on the phone with my BFF, from 300 mi away, having not seen her for 2 weeks!
  • *Finally* launching my very own blog, after discussing it over and over, with my parents for over 1 year and a 1/2! Super awesome! =P
  • Listening to your Mom and Abuelita speak in total Spanish, thinking nobody can understand them, but understanding most of what they are saying! =P Then when they stop, you repeat most of what they just said in Spanish, back to them in English.  Sometimes pretty funny!

Okay, Y’all have a great weekend! Peace out! Shalom Y’all =P

Romantic Novels, are they really worth our time? ? ? ?

Okay, guys, this is something has really been weighing on my heart, and so i decided i finally have a place to share it, why not? So here goes =) Please comment with your opinions, suggestions, and thoughts.

Okay, so most of us girls, I don’t know ’bout you guys, love Romance Novels, and all that other, “mushy stuff” right? But why, do we have this seamingly uncurable desire to read, or watch this kind of material? Now don’t get me wrong, i have read a few “romantic” books, in my short little life, just like the rest of you, and so far i’m not in any way against them. But i have come to the conclusion that it is neither uplifting, edifiying, or encouraging to read, and/or watch these types of thing. Why? How? How can you say that? Well in my personal experience, I have found that when reading these types of material, I start to either expect my “prince charming” to measure up to that particular character, in the story, or I start to expect my situation to go exactly as the book describes.

I feel it’s just not worth our time! We spend time to read these books, and then when our situations don’t turn out exactly as described in the book, we feel, a mixture of let down, and feeling like maybe we did not do anything right, or it’s all our fault, or i’m just not “romantic” enough.I know at least some of y’all out there have felt these types of feelings. So, why should we read this stuff if this is how we feel afterwards? Is it encouraging to our souls? I don’t about you guys, but i tend to like reading books, that either I learn something i never knew before, from them, I am in some way motivated to do something useful for humanity, or I get totally adrenal-ized, yes i think  i might be an adrenalin “junkie” =P


Well please excuse my rant, it’s not exactly complete so it will be updated some time.

ttyl y’all