Awk+Awe Thursday!

Hey y’all got this idea from my Fav blogger of all time, Olivia Howard, of Fresh Modesty Blog, so i decide to steal/adapt it for my own blog =P  But all credit goes to her =)  Thanks Olivia!



  • Talking to someone about Football a subject i really don’t know much about, but making it through the whole conversation anyway! so funny! =P
  • Repeatedly misspelling hablar = ablar, so many times and not getting it!
  • Having to be told by my guitar teacher that she has to drop me from her class, because i did not finish Module 1 of the class.
  • Texting someone several times, and not receiving anything back from them, therefore making you feel like your bugging them. And then when they do respond it’s to tell you, that “no you are not bugging me at all, just have not been on my texts for a while.”
  • Going with Abuelita to go pick up an order for a spinach pie, at the local Argentinian deli, only to find out they forgot it, and now they are throwing into the oven, and sitting there listening to your Abuelita give them an ear load, in Spanish.


  • Getting to see my Aunt, Uncle and little Cousin, for the first time, in like 8-9 months! Wow little cuz is getting so big, and cute!
  • Getting to spend the day with just Mom and Dad, and me, nobody else, something that does not happen very often! That’s when they let me have Ice Cream! An otherwise no-no, in our house =)
  • Getting to talk on the phone with my BFF, from 300 mi away, having not seen her for 2 weeks!
  • *Finally* launching my very own blog, after discussing it over and over, with my parents for over 1 year and a 1/2! Super awesome! =P
  • Listening to your Mom and Abuelita speak in total Spanish, thinking nobody can understand them, but understanding most of what they are saying! =P Then when they stop, you repeat most of what they just said in Spanish, back to them in English.  Sometimes pretty funny!

Okay, Y’all have a great weekend! Peace out! Shalom Y’all =P


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