Romantic Novels, are they really worth our time? ? ? ?

Okay, guys, this is something has really been weighing on my heart, and so i decided i finally have a place to share it, why not? So here goes =) Please comment with your opinions, suggestions, and thoughts.

Okay, so most of us girls, I don’t know ’bout you guys, love Romance Novels, and all that other, “mushy stuff” right? But why, do we have this seamingly uncurable desire to read, or watch this kind of material? Now don’t get me wrong, i have read a few “romantic” books, in my short little life, just like the rest of you, and so far i’m not in any way against them. But i have come to the conclusion that it is neither uplifting, edifiying, or encouraging to read, and/or watch these types of thing. Why? How? How can you say that? Well in my personal experience, I have found that when reading these types of material, I start to either expect my “prince charming” to measure up to that particular character, in the story, or I start to expect my situation to go exactly as the book describes.

I feel it’s just not worth our time! We spend time to read these books, and then when our situations don’t turn out exactly as described in the book, we feel, a mixture of let down, and feeling like maybe we did not do anything right, or it’s all our fault, or i’m just not “romantic” enough.I know at least some of y’all out there have felt these types of feelings. So, why should we read this stuff if this is how we feel afterwards? Is it encouraging to our souls? I don’t about you guys, but i tend to like reading books, that either I learn something i never knew before, from them, I am in some way motivated to do something useful for humanity, or I get totally adrenal-ized, yes i think  i might be an adrenalin “junkie” =P


Well please excuse my rant, it’s not exactly complete so it will be updated some time.

ttyl y’all


2 thoughts on “Romantic Novels, are they really worth our time? ? ? ?

  1. Romances certainly are something to be cautious of, although I happen to love them to pieces. What I have come to understand, is that we have to be careful to only read ones that are “clean” and as you say, recognize them as *fiction*.

    • Thanks you so much for the feedback. I too, enjoy reading “Romantic novels”, though I tend to gravitate more towards the less graphic or less descriptive/cleaner of the bunch. I still feel though, that these types of books, tend to waste Valuable time, I mean really, are we learning anything from these books, that is useful, in any way? We have but one life, we must use it wisely =)

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