Recent Comings and Goings, Literally!

Hey Y’all i just wanted to post some pics here of our recent trip(s). I would post pics of the first one, except i did not take any on that trip, so you will only see pics from the most recent one =) Enjoy

Oh and in case you are wondering, were we went, we drove down to my Abuelita’s house in Boca Raton Florida =) It was very hot!

DSC_0270-2 DSC_0157-2 DSC_0053-2 DSC_0060 DSC_0067-2 DSC_0072-2 DSC_0083-2 DSC_0099-2 DSC_0167-2 DSC_0238 DSC_0249-2 DSC_0262-2

Some of these are of my siblings in the pool at Abuelita’s condo. Noah, my little bro is learning to swim, and he enjoys doing such =)


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