2nd Quote Of The Week – John Green

John Green is so profound! I love this one too! I think to many people make promises without thinking twice,and then just either expect other people to forget about it or they just know that they will never fulfill it. I’ve known to many of these people.

Have an awesome week y’all!

Love, Sunshine

Not Enough Poetry – A.K.A. – Your Beautiful Gift

Not Enough Poetry

A.K.A. Your Beautiful Gift

You have a huge secret,

Though very few know it,

When you are alone,

 You are an amazing poet,

This poetry keeps you company,

It words, thoughts, and phrases,

All keep you calm, inside,

While the world’s storm rages,

Yet through the wind there is a voice,

And it calls to you “not enough poetry”,

The voice continues “not enough poetry”,

And finally you see,

Not enough poetry,

It haunts you like a dream,

Pours through your soul like a stream,

Day after day,

Night by night,

And you still can’t get the words from your brain,

 To the paper,

One day it finally all comes pouring out,

The words hit the paper,

And start to dance on the page,

Like a ballerina on a stage,

When it all comes together,

It’s a beautiful poem,

As light and beautiful as a feather,

This gift that you have,

No one can contain,

It’s as free as a bird,

Of the African plain,

It blossoms and grows,

Like nobody knows,

But it’s your gift,

And it really shows,

Take hold of your gift,

Don’t let it die,

But let it bloom,

Spread wings and fly,

Share it with the world,

And every passerby,

For nobody knows the call of poetry,

Not enough poetry,

Like you do.

~Sunshine          June 24, 2014

Dedicated to my mother, and her amazing gift of writing poetry, that no one can deny. I love you, Mama.

Awesome Friends, Wet Kiddos, and Giant Rubber Tubes! Makes for some unforgettable Fun!

Unforgettable. That is only one word that explains our AWESOME time on the Itchetucknee river, and springs. The scenery, the experience, the time with friends, and the AMAZINGLY clear water!

“The heavens declare the glory of God (YHVH), and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.”

Psalms 19:1

“Let everything that has breath praise the LORD (Adonai)! Praise the LORD (Adonai)!” 

– Psalms 150:6

“Ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds of the air, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish of the sea inform you. Which of these does not know that the hand of the Lord (Adonai) has done this? In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.”
– Job 12:7-10
“Praise the Lord (Adonai) from the earth, you great sea creatures and all ocean depths, lightning and hail, snow and clouds, stormy winds that do his bidding, you mountains and all hills, fruit trees and all cedars, wild animals and all cattle, small creatures and flying birds.”
-Psalm 148:7-10 
Okay, so by now, some of y’all might be thinking I’m going to get all preachy on you =P No, I won’t. I just felt so led to add those verses to this post, because they really truly exemplify what the whole trip was like.
So, last Sunday my wonderful family and two other families, friends from Shul, went to Itchetucknee Springs State Park in Fort White, Florida. Aprox. 100 miles from our house. We were told about this place by some friends, who lived here nearby us, before they moved to C.O. (miss them a lot) a year ago.They raved about it, and how great it was! Well that was like 5 yrs ago! So when my Birthday rolled around, I asked for two things, to get my ears pierced and to go to Itchetucknee. So, that’s what we did. We took some friends with us. My Best friend, Violet, and her family came, and Sam Cook, my good friend, and his family came with us also. Actually, when I say Sam’s family came, picture 7 boys, 2 girls, and their dad! Yea a whole lot of us where there, but that just made it more awesome =).
We came prepared to go tubing, down the river, and go swimming in the head spring, and Blue hole. We also brought picnic lunch stuff. So, my family got there around 10-ish, in the morning. As we were waiting for our friends to show up, we formulated a plan. We would go swimming in the head spring, until everyone showed up, then we would eat lunch and hit the river! So that’s what we did. we swam in the Head spring for a while, which was awesome, but cold. You see, the head spring, stays at 72 degrees , year round, so it is a little chilly, when you first get in. But after so many times of going swimming in cold water at the beach, I’ve learned that in order to deal with it, you just dive in head first, and then you will get used to it. Besides Last Sunday started out as a rather hot day, so it was like, you would dive in, and finally stop freezing, and shivering, and then, once you were in totally,if you got out you were like, wow it’s hot, I gotta get back in! =)
Around 11 am, the Cook Clan, showed up. So we went swimming with them, and pushed people in the water, and dove in, and practiced flips and dives,and stuff. That was a lot of fun. After doing that a while, we wanted to go over to the Blue hole, to see what it looked like and kinda just see it. So we walked about ten minutes to the south, in the woods, to the blue hole. The blue hole is a giant hole or cave rather in the ground, that goes down for quite a ways and it’s crystal clear, blue. None of us Children had ever seen or been to a Blue hole, so it was pretty cool. Papa, and I went out into the middle of the water, and swam around looking down into the hole for a couple of minutes, but the current from the spring, was moving at a considerably swift rate, so it was sort of hard to swim in there. My arms wanted to fall off, when I got out.
After all that swimming, Violet and her family, finally arrived, so we all ate lunch together. We had sandwiches, and guacamole, and potato salad and chips, and all kinds of stuff, for lunch! After lunch we all got read to go for a float down the river. It was a two and a half hour trip, for us, so we wanted to make sure we did not take anything with us, that could either get lost, or that we would not want to carry, during the trip.
Now the State park has a certain system set up, so that you don’t get stranded and that you can get home when you get out of the river. So how this works is that, you arrive in the North entrance of the park, drop off all your tubes, passengers, and whatever else and then, when you are ready to get on the river, one person from your group, will take your car about fifteen minutes away, to the south entrance, and then a shuttle will bring them back.The only glitch, is that the shuttle that brings the drivers back, waits till it’s full, to bring everybody back, which amounts to about a 45 minute wait. So we would be waiting a while, before we got on the river, because we all wanted to tube down together.
So while we were waiting for our extra group members to get back, some of the younger children went to play at the playground there, while the teenagers (yes that includes me) all sat around joking around and chatting with each other, that was really cool. And just imagine after talking for about 4 & 1/2 hour straight, almost, where did my voice go?! =P Yea I had almost no voice after that. Well and also when we were on the river, we were kinda hollering back and forth to each other, between tubes =) But it was really fun. I think my favorite part of the trip was the fact that it was so relaxing to just float down the river, and chat with my friends, and just hang out! Violet and I got a double tube, so we were on that, and then we, somehow fit three people on our two person tube, so that was Me, Violet and Maggie, all on one double tube, and then, we had Sam’s tube tied to ours, so we were all floating together. It was pretty awesome. A few times while we were floating along, we came to some really narrow areas and there were like trees over the river and stuff, so that was kinda funny to see how each “team” tackled” the obstacles =) We all kept with in Shouting distance of each other so yea. In the middle of the trip, it started to drizzle, and lightning stuck about oh, i would say like 1 8 or 10 miles away. So we were all like, looking at the pretty spectacular lightning show, and hoping it would not get any closer. Also, once it started to drizzle, we all got sorta chilly, because by that time we were mostly dried off, except for our bottoms, which were in the water, of course. So most of the group was pretty ready to get out, as soon as the dock came into view, With the exception of one group of tubes. Can you guess? Violet and I were kinda cold, but we were ready to deal with it if we could just keep going! We wanted to keep floating, down the river! But once we got to the first half way mark, landing, it was already like 5:30 pm, and if we had kept going we would have had another 2 more hours to float, before we could get out, so yea we did not do the whole trip, but Vi and I plan on talking our parents into letting us do the whole trip. next time =)
Well I should go, so that’s all for now =) We hope to go back, some time really soon, and we all look forward to that time =)
Shabbat Shalom, y’all =)

Phyllo Journal – Spinach Pie (My Big Fat Greek Spinach Pie!)

So recently my sister, Allie (13), and I have been experimenting and just learning how to work with, phyllo dough. Phyllo is a common ingredient in Greek Cuisine, specifically in pastries and meat and vegetable filled pastries. We have been specifically making Baklava and Spinach Pie. Today I will share the recipe I have been using, for Spinach Pie, with you all. And I will include a picture of both pastries for those of you who don’t know what they look like. Many variations have thus been made, with the Baklava, particularly, including Chocolate dipped Baklava,  and various others. we like to serve our Baklava with homemade whipped cream, and it very nicely balances out the sweetness of the honey, in the Baklava. =)

So here it is, Spinach pie. I have been making this particular dish, for church, and trust me, it goes very fast! =) Enjoy! And for any of y’all who try it out, let me know what you all think about it! =)

Spinach Pie

Recipe Courtesy of Ina Garten of Food Network’s “Barefoot Contessa”


  • 3 Cups chopped yellow onions
  • 2 TBS Good Olive oil
  • 2 tsp kosher salt
  • 1 1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper
  • 2 (12 ounce) packages fresh spinach
  • 4 large eggs, beaten
  • 2 tsp grated nutmeg
  • 1/2 Cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese
  • 1/2 pound good feta cheese, chopped into 1/2 inch pieces
  • 1/2 Cup Pignoli (pine nuts)
  • 1/4 lbs unsalted butter, melted
  • 1 Package of Phyllo dough


Preheat the oven to 375 degrees

In a medium saute pan on medium heat, saute the onions with the olive oil until translucent and slightly browned, 10 to 15 minutes. Add the salt and Pepper and allow to cool slightly.

Squeeze out and discard as much of the liquid from the spinach as possible. Put the spinach into a bowl and then gently mix in the onions, eggs, nutmeg, Parmesan cheese, feta, and pignoli.

Butter an Oven proof nonstick, 8-inch Casserole dish, and line it with six sheets of Phyllo, stacked. Let edges hang over the edge of the pan.  Brush the top of the stack with melted butter. Place 3 or 4 more sheets on top of that. Again, brush with butter, then pour spinach mixture onto pan. Cover with 6 more sheets of Phyllo. Brush with butter, and place 3 more sheets on top of that. Brush the top with butter. Tuck edges of phyllo dough around the edges, neatly.

Put Pie in oven and bake on 375, for 1 hour, until the top is golden brown and filling is set. Allow to cool completely before serving.






And here is the promised picture of Baklava. Don’t start drooling, now! =P


Shabbat Shalom guys!

~Sunshine =)

Quote(s) Of The Week – Norman V. Peale & Isak Dinesen

“Believe you are defeated long enough, and it is likely to become true.”

– Norman V. Peale

Norman Vincent Peale NYWTS.jpg

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

(May 31, 1898 – December 24, 1993)

Was a minister and author (most notably of The Power of Positive Thinking) and a progenitor of “positive thinking”.

The Rev. Billy Graham said at the National Council of Churches on June 12, 1966 that “I don’t know of anyone who had done more for the kingdom of God than Norman and Ruth Peale or have meant any more in my life for the encouragement they have given me.”

Upon hearing of Dr. Peale’s death, U.S. President Bill Clinton had this to say: The name of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale will forever be associated with the wondrously American values of optimism and service. Dr. Peale was an optimist who believed that, whatever the antagonisms and complexities of modern life brought us, anyone could prevail by approaching life with a simple sense of faith. And he served us by instilling that optimism in every Christian and every other person who came in contact with his writings or his hopeful soul. In a productive and giving life that spanned the 20th century, Dr. Peale lifted the spirits of millions and millions of people who were nourished and sustained by his example, his teaching, and his giving. While the Clinton family and all Americans mourn his loss, there is some poetry in his passing on a day when the world celebrates the birth of Christ, an idea that was central to Dr. Peale’s message and Dr. Peale’s work. He will be missed.

This dude is also very awesome, because we both have the same birthday, and he was born in May. This dude makes my day, all the time.

“The best cure for anything is salt water: Sweat, Tears and the Sea.”

– Isak Dinesen

Karen von Blixen-Finecke a.k.a.(Isak Dinesen)

 ( April 17, 1885 – September 7, 1962)

 Karen Christenze Dinesen, was a Danish author also known by her pen name Isak Dinesen. She also wrote under the pen names Tania BlixenOsceola and Pierre Andrézel.  Blixen wrote works in Danish, French and English.

Blixen is best known for Out of Africa, her account of living in Kenya, and one of her stories, Babette’s Feast, both of which have been adapted into highly acclaimed, Academy Award-winning motion pictures. Prior to the release of the first film, she was noted for her Seven Gothic Tales, for which she is also known in Denmark.

Peter Englund, permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy, described it as “a mistake” that Blixen was not awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature during the 1930’s. Although never awarded the prize she finished in third place behind Graham Greene in 1961, the year Ivo Andric was awarded the prize.


A Decade and a Half of Sunshine

Okay, so yes, my fantastic birthday was this Saturday. I turned the iconic 15 years old! This is one of the birthdays I’ve waited for ever since I was very young, and to think, now I am finally here! Turning 15, has it’s pros and cons, for one, I am almost and adult, meaning I’m am supposed to start acting more mature. That is both good and bad, for me. I remember ever since I was very little I have wanted to “grow up”, but I don’t think that I ever considered that “growing up”, has it’s requirements and expectations, that childhood does not have. Never the less, I still wanted to grow up! I carried a purse around at a young age, 8 or 9, and I acted and dressed way out of my age range. Then around 11 or 12, having acted not like most kids my age for quite a while, I found myself not being excepted into circles of kids that were my age. It was as if, I was just acting too grown up. So therefore I feel I was set back in that way, sub-consciously. Now, for me, along with turning fifteen came this very strangely unexpected feeling of, A) not wanting to grow up, and B) looking back and realizing all those missed kid opportunities simply because, I was “too grown up for that”. It’s just something about turning 15 that just, like, puts these thoughts into you. So this time around the block, I would like to make a resolve. I will try to take every opportunity I get to be young, and just be young until I can’t do it any more! There is just no use in acting so up tight and missing all these wonderful opportunities! Now don’t get me wrong, i’m not going to just start acting like a 10 yr old just because I want to act young, that’s not what I’m saying, I just going to be as mature as possible without missing all those wonderful once in a life time memories. I would also like to chronicle some of my past memories here. I will start by posting a series of pictures of me through the years. Yes, I was a lot more cute back then! I will admit it =P

So here we go, some of my baby pics =) Oh wait before I get started on those baby pics, I would like to explain a little bit about my birth and infant-hood. I am the first of five children, borne of my awesome parents Curtis and Maggilu (Mama’s actual birth name is Lupe after her Mom, but when my parents met, Papa used to pick Mama these beautiful flowers called Frangipani, and he did not know the name of them, so he called them, magnolias, and therefore called my Mama, Maggnolia Lupita or MaggiLu). Here are a few pics of them before my birth.

Dad, on a Amazon Jungle that he and Mom took, trip a few months before my birth

Papa, on an Amazon Jungle that he and Mom took, trip a few months before my birth

Mom next to a tree of some kind, on a Amazon Jungle trip that she and Dad took a few months before my birth.

Mama next to a tree of some kind, on an Amazon Jungle trip that she and Dad took a few months before my birth.

So anyway, exactly 6 weeks before my birth, Mama was lying on the beach at the end of Espaniola way, in South Beach Miami, when she was run over by a Lifeguard in a Ford Bronco truck. (Papa at the time was at a job interview for a teaching position). Two tries went over her, fracturing her pelvic bone. Miraculously nothing happened with me, and I was totally fine not a thing wrong with me. She was immediately rushed to the hospital and sent to the ER. After several X-rays, and test after test, the Doctors insisted on a Cesarean birth, even though nothing was wrong with me, and I did not need to be taken out yet. After much prayer and several “second opinions”, Papa came to the conclusion that no, we are not having a C-section but a natural birth, and only when I was ready. I don’t know exactly what the doctors thought, but I can imagine that they probably thought something like, Papa and Mama were “defying” the “experts” and were not making that right choice, even though it was their choice to make, not the doctor’s.  The next thing the doctors told my parents, was that Mom would need surgery for her pelvic bone, or else “she would never walk again”. Once again Papa did a lot of research and prayer, and several second, third and even fourth opinions, before Papa came to yet another conclusion. He felt, and was told by a few other doctors, that Mama did not need to have surgery and with much care, and physical therapy she would eventually walk again without the “needed” surgery.

So, long story short, Mama and I are doing just great, She walks, of course, and I am fine, nothing wrong with either of us =) Praise YHVH(God)! Okay, so now for some pics of me when I was a baby, going on up into pics as I grow up =) Enjoy!

Actually before I put any pics here I would like to first dedicate this post to three people. First my Mama, who did all the work when I was born, and no I would not be here without her, or without my Papa. Thanks to all of his questioning of the Doctors, and “professionals”. I would most likely not be here, in  the condition that I am today with out him and all his questioning. I would also like to dedicate this to my GranPop, who passed away, due to Gastrointestinal Cancer in August of 2008.  He did not get the chance to meet my little cousin Chase, or my little bro, Noah, but they have both heard great things about him. He was always so encouraging to me, and really understood me well, I feel he would be very proud of who I am today. I miss him greatly .

This pic is right after i was born, so i guesstimate about three or four days to a week old

This pic is right after i was born, so i guesstimate about three or four days to a week old. Papa is the lifeguard on duty, in this pic.


(Left Pic) Grand Canyon in Background 15 months old (Right Pic) 18 months, with our boat in background

Two yrs old, with Mama, pregnant with my sis Allie, who was born about two weeks after this pic

Two yrs old, with Mama, pregnant with my sis Allie, who was born about two weeks after this pic


(Left Pic) 2 yrs old (Right Pic) 2 yrs old as well


(All Wedding Pics) 18 months old. I was only one of the three flower girls for Mama’s friend’s wedding.

archived_pics_sunny_12 (2)

(Top Pic) 18 months old washing GranPop’s car in Ecuador. (Bottom Pic) 3 yrs old


Almost 3 yrs old (Top Pic) At a friend of my Mama’s wedding. (Bottom Pic) In Martha’s Vineyard, Mass. with my parents.


DSC_0092 - Copy (2)

10 yrs old (i’m the one in the white shirt) in St. Mary’s GA, with all my sisters.


Almost 10 yrs old (I’m the one in the pink shirt) with a really good friend of mine, Grace.


I’m the one holding the baby, Noah, my lil bro, who was about a month or so old. I am 9 yrs old


11 yrs old, holding my lil cousin, Charlie Alexis Eyde.

DSCN8837 (2)

12 yrs old, with my sis Maggie.

archived_pics_sunny_13 (2)

Last Summer. 14 yrs old.


i think i am 10 yrs old here, not sure =) One of about 100 selfies I took when I first got my first camera. 

cummer_sunny_fore_allie_back (2)

14 yrs old. Taken 4-27-2014 Why on earth do i have that face on?!

IMAG0081 (2)

13 yrs old. Me and My awesome Papa =) I had just gotten my hair cut by my Aunt Kelly.


14 yrs old. Taken 4-27-2014


14 yrs old. Taken Mother’s Day, 2014. @ Wordcamp Miami


13 yrs old


12 yrs old, with my awesome Papa, on Atlantic Beach.

DSC_0490 (2)

13 yrs old, with a dear friend of mine, Charis Rechad Fournier, right after our Bat-Mitzvah.


11 yrs old, with my lil bro Noah. He had just started walking in this pic.

Sunny Tucker 2013 (2)

Last Summer. 14 yrs old, on our Mother -Daughter-Grandaughter trip. 


14 yrs old, with my awesome Mama, in Nantucket Mass.

Sunny-portrait-May-30-2013_800 (2)

14 yrs old, i had just gotten the camera i am holding, that day. This is actually a few days before my 14th b-day.


Both of these pics are at the same wedding of some pics at the top. 18 months old here.


Me and and two of my sisters. I am like 11 or 12 here. I’m in the white shirt.