Not Enough Poetry – A.K.A. – Your Beautiful Gift

Not Enough Poetry

A.K.A. Your Beautiful Gift

You have a huge secret,

Though very few know it,

When you are alone,

 You are an amazing poet,

This poetry keeps you company,

It words, thoughts, and phrases,

All keep you calm, inside,

While the world’s storm rages,

Yet through the wind there is a voice,

And it calls to you “not enough poetry”,

The voice continues “not enough poetry”,

And finally you see,

Not enough poetry,

It haunts you like a dream,

Pours through your soul like a stream,

Day after day,

Night by night,

And you still can’t get the words from your brain,

 To the paper,

One day it finally all comes pouring out,

The words hit the paper,

And start to dance on the page,

Like a ballerina on a stage,

When it all comes together,

It’s a beautiful poem,

As light and beautiful as a feather,

This gift that you have,

No one can contain,

It’s as free as a bird,

Of the African plain,

It blossoms and grows,

Like nobody knows,

But it’s your gift,

And it really shows,

Take hold of your gift,

Don’t let it die,

But let it bloom,

Spread wings and fly,

Share it with the world,

And every passerby,

For nobody knows the call of poetry,

Not enough poetry,

Like you do.

~Sunshine          June 24, 2014

Dedicated to my mother, and her amazing gift of writing poetry, that no one can deny. I love you, Mama.

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