Vacation Journal Entry #1 – Pawleys Island, S.C.

Wow, so kicking myself right now, trying to make sure I’m actually here! We are actually in Pawleys! I just can’t believe how fast this year has flown by! I mean, come on, since when did July just fly in like less than a month after January?! Wait, wasn’t last night New Year’s?! The last year that I remember to have flown by this fast was um, let me see, it was the year my little brother Noah was born, 2008, and as most everybody knows when you have a baby in the house, the years always fly by, because they grow up faster than you want them to. But this year, has just flown bye so fast. I personally think it has at least a little bit to do with how anxious I was turn 15, and how desperate we are to move from our current residence, but I may be wrong. As I’ve said in previous posts, I still remember when I was like 8 or 9 like it was two weeks ago. Okay now I’m getting way off track, so anyway. My Papa’s Sisters’s Husband’s family (My Uncle Greg’s family) owns a summer house on the beach on Pawleys Island in South Carolina. Every summer, all of my Uncle Greg’s family takes turns having the beach house for a period of time, and they get to invite whoever they want to come to the beach house with them, while they are there. My Aunt Kelly, Uncle Greg and cousins Mac and Sondra live in Baltimore, Maryland, along with my Grandparents on Papa’s side, so we very rarely get to see them, except for at the beach house, and at or around New Years. So for the past three years we have been invited to the beach house, sometime in either June, July or August.  The beach house is literally a two minute walk through the backyard off the beach, making it  favorite place for all the family to hang out, on the beach, playing cards, reading, going for rides in the boat in the marsh, etc. As you can probably imagine, my whole family looks forward to this beach/family time all year long, and gets so excited in the days leading up to it, we pack like three – four days ahead of time, a rarity in our house, when it comes to traveling. =) So we were invited back again this year! So happy! So today what I will be doing is posting a bunch of pictures that I have already taken here. We are going to be here for two more days, and we just got here yesterday. The First block of pictures will be taken by Me. And the second will be by My Aunt Kelly. Just to explain a little bit. Yesterday when we got here, we watched the Brazil vs. Germany World Cup soccer game, which I must say was heart breaking, then we went right onto the beach,  took a few rides in the boat around in the marsh, played a little bit of Foosball, ate a delicious dinner and then played a card game called Shanghai, it’s played with regular playing cards, and it is very similar Gin Rummy but it has 7 different hands. We played cards until 12:30 last night. Which explains why I did not get up as early as I would have liked to, to take some pics of the Sunrise. Okay now for the pics!

Okay, one last thing, I just wanted to add one song, that has really gotten into my head, and so I thought I would share it.

Have an awesome week, y’all! =) Sunshine PS, please excuse some of the misspellings I was a little rushed to write this out, because i was missing stuff going on here while I was writing this =)

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