A little piece of Me

So I was researching images of volleyball games and stuff for a presentation I was making on the sport for my Biology course, when I happened upon the following posters, and  I thought “OMG, that is like so me!” So, since I have no Pintrest, Facebook or Instagram, (Yea, I know, I am so behind the times) I decided to post them here. When I get Facebook or any of those others, I’m sure they will make they’re way on there as well,. but for the time being, enjoy! 🙂 Also I have been so busy these past few months, so I have a huge update post, I am planning on putting on sometime in the next few Weeks, but as a bit of a sneak-peek, I have some HUGE news! I am going to Prom! Yes, I am so overly excited, It’s not even funny. I will admit I have not slept very well these past few nights, but oh well, I guess I will have to deal with that. I plan on posting a Picture of the dress, when I get it, so hang tight everyone =)

Until then Stay warm, dry, and Happy. Oh and love Volleyball! Oh yea 😛


Love this quote, whoever wrote it, is so profound!



Yes, I TOTALLY agree, No offence dear friends that play football, I still love you too 🙂


Um like Yea!!!


Never Quit!


Like, of course I play like a girl! Duh! That’s who I am! Get over it! 😛


Ain’t No Soft Servin’ Gals Here! 😛


Gotta love that. I might just do that, Hmmmm, I don’t know.


No Comment 😛


Never Quit!


Watch your back, Volleyball haters! 😛


Our Time! No drama, no rumors. . . . .


I’m having second thoughts about posting this one . . . . . . .



Okay, Y’all, that’s all for now 🙂 Talk to y’all later 🙂


Sunshine 🙂

Tea Cup Day Dreams

My cup of tea,

is like a mirror,

looking back at me,

I look down,

and I see cloud nine above my head,

I see the world turning blood red,

My life I see as a corkscrew,

I’ve gone up some,

Or plummeted into deep blue,

Things I’ve done,

Places I’ve been,

Battles lost and some of them won,

My face shines like the sun,

in my tea cup reflection,

in it I see my heart burdened with affection,

I lift my head and look into a new cup,

This one a lighter shade in color,

In this tea,

I see the blue sky over head,

no world turning blood red,

I see my face just as always,

the shining face it did replace,

My life’s reflection in tea,

I no longer see,

Just silly old, regular, boring me

~ Sunshine Tucker 2-10-2015