A little piece of Me

So I was researching images of volleyball games and stuff for a presentation I was making on the sport for my Biology course, when I happened upon the following posters, and  I thought “OMG, that is like so me!” So, since I have no Pintrest, Facebook or Instagram, (Yea, I know, I am so behind the times) I decided to post them here. When I get Facebook or any of those others, I’m sure they will make they’re way on there as well,. but for the time being, enjoy! 🙂 Also I have been so busy these past few months, so I have a huge update post, I am planning on putting on sometime in the next few Weeks, but as a bit of a sneak-peek, I have some HUGE news! I am going to Prom! Yes, I am so overly excited, It’s not even funny. I will admit I have not slept very well these past few nights, but oh well, I guess I will have to deal with that. I plan on posting a Picture of the dress, when I get it, so hang tight everyone =)

Until then Stay warm, dry, and Happy. Oh and love Volleyball! Oh yea 😛


Love this quote, whoever wrote it, is so profound!



Yes, I TOTALLY agree, No offence dear friends that play football, I still love you too 🙂


Um like Yea!!!


Never Quit!


Like, of course I play like a girl! Duh! That’s who I am! Get over it! 😛


Ain’t No Soft Servin’ Gals Here! 😛


Gotta love that. I might just do that, Hmmmm, I don’t know.


No Comment 😛


Never Quit!


Watch your back, Volleyball haters! 😛


Our Time! No drama, no rumors. . . . .


I’m having second thoughts about posting this one . . . . . . .



Okay, Y’all, that’s all for now 🙂 Talk to y’all later 🙂


Sunshine 🙂


4 thoughts on “A little piece of Me

  1. I really like the first quote. I love to play volleyball. We will have to get a game going at the beach this summer. When is the prom? Junior prom or Senior Prom? Who are you going with?

    • Yea, I love the sport also! I find it addictive actually lol 🙂
      Um, it’s Homeschool prom, so we can actually go, from our freshman year, through our senior year. I’m going with a friend of mine, (I will post pics of us together) and He is a junior, so yea 🙂 I’m still only a sophomore 🙂

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