“1.05 Who are Journalists” – FLVS Journalism 1 Assignment

In this assignment I am supposed to define journalists in my opinion. What are three defining factors that make a journalist?  It must be three or more paragraphs and it must also include two modern journalists who meet my standards for journalists. So without further ado, here we go ! 🙂

Journalistic Quality #1: A journalists is someone who commands their audience, whether they are on the radio, on the TV, writing in the newspaper, or a photojournalist. Someone who can take ownership of their show, and make it unique, personal and relate able to their audience. They must be able to clearly and concisely convey their message and engage their audience at the same time.

Journalistic Quality #2: Unbiased. Nonpartisan. Impartial. Every good journalist need to be emotionally disconnected from their story. They need to be able to report on world and local events with out including their opinion or trying to sway the recipient into one opinion or another.  Most of the time this means including several different angles in one article, without taking the side of one or the other.

Journalistic Quality #3: Have a purpose. Know where you are going with your article.  It is a very good idea to know what you want to be your end result before you even start writing.

These three qualities I believe, define a good journalist.  Without these qualities, the following journalists, would not be the quality journalists that they are today.

Thomas L. Friedman 

Thomas Loren Friedman was born  July 20, 1953 St. Louis Park, Minnesota, a suburb town of Minneapolis.  He is an American journalist, columnist and author. He has worked for many big names in the journalism world, such as United Press International and The New York Times.  He currently writes a bi-weekly column for The New York Times and has written extensively on foreign affairs from global trade, the Middle East and the Lebanese Civil war , globalization, and environmental issues. He has won the Pulitzer Prize three times.

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper at Tulane University.jpg

Anderson Hays Cooper was born June 3, 1967 in New York City. He is an American journalist, author, and television personality. He is one of the most popular journalists in modern times and serves as a powerful example for the changing media industry. He is the primary anchor of the CNN news show Anderson Cooper 360°. The program is normally broadcast live from a New York City studio, however, Cooper often broadcasts live on location for breaking news stories. From September 2011 to May 2013, he also served as host of his own eponymous syndicated daytime talk show, Anderson Live.


5 thoughts on ““1.05 Who are Journalists” – FLVS Journalism 1 Assignment

  1. Interesting–difference in generations. I always think of journalists as writers. When you study journalism in college you generally start out as an English major. Editing, proofreading, investigative, reporting all are under journalism. I don’t think of broadcasters as journalists–they just say what the writers tell them. But I guess you can be both.

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