“2.01 Print – Newspapers” – FLVS Journalism 1 Assignment

Reporter’s Notebook

For this journal entry, you will learn more about the qualities of newspaper journalism. Visit your library, search records, and do enough research to write an informative journal entry about one of the topics below.

Your journal entry should be at least three paragraphs of your own writing, and you must give credit to all sources that you use or quote. Try to be as informative as possible. Imagine this is an assignment for a large newspaper, and that you are supposed to provide useful, impartial information to your readers on the topic you choose.

  • What are the differences between weekly and daily newspapers?
  • How much paper does your local newspaper use, and what is its process for distributing the news?
  • How do most newspapers make money?
  • What specific rules do the reporters at your local newspaper have to follow to ensure credibility?

I have chosen the first topic, What are the differences between weekly and daily newspapers?

There are many differences between weekly and daily newspapers. First of all, daily newspapers print news from yesterday. So when you read that news in that paper, it is “old news”. News that happened yesterday. Since daily newspapers have a one day turn around, from one day to the next, often times their news is a little bit more broad and have less of a variety of topics, subjects or opinions.

Weekly newspapers on the on the other hand, tend to be a lot bigger, and more diverse. With more ground to cover, they tend to have more angles and opinions on the topics they do cover. The daily newspapers most of the time cost more, since they have to print everyday.

Another thing is that weekly newspapers tend to be more national or international while daily newspapers tend to be more localized. Weeklies also cover a broader spectrum of topics such as movies, celebrities, sports, local, weather, and so on. I like to think about the differences between the two like Ā the difference between a department store and a specialty store. One is more condensed that the other.


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