“2.05 Internet: News, Blogs, etc” – FLVS Journalism 1 Assignment

Over the years, the process of obtaining news has evolved quite a bit. From just news papers, to now radio, television, and the internet. News is so accessible! But with so many options, how do we choose, the one method we like? Or do we?

Although there are so many different avenues of obtaining news, most of them share a few similarities. The most painfully obvious similarity would be that, they all provide news. But they also have differences. Radio, is a very unique form of news, since it is only audio, broadcasters have to be very descriptive in their description of the news stories.  The television is a little bit like the radio, but you have that added -vision part. An added bonus that tends to make TV more desirable over the radio.

Back in the old days, printing newspapers was the only way to get news. They were sold on the street by paper hawkers or paper boys, who hawked the latest headlines to get the attention of the passerby. This is how everyone stayed informed about what was happening in the big cities and far away countries. Newspapers were easy to come by, but not very convenient to produce. All the news was from the day before, this is because they took hours and sometimes days to compile and print. Even with all that hassle, people still loved their newspapers. They did everything to be able to print them. From risking their lives and livelihoods, to printing on anything and everything they could find, from wallpaper donated by citizens of the town, to leftover scraps of animal hides.

The only thing most people have to do, to get breaking news is find a coffee shop somewhere, log onto your laptop, and check out the latest headlines from halfway around the world, to a few blocks down the street, it’s all at our fingertips, via the internet. The internet is the supreme news delivery source. Combining news, pictures, video and sound, it is the most popular, and most widely used news source that is available today. But it is not the most accessible news service. With many remote areas of the world still not able to access the internet, or television, newspapers are still the only way of accessing news in those places.

Most people, especially the younger more recent generations, prefer to use the internet as their news source for many reasons. It is easy to access almost anywhere, it is instant and up to date, and it is affordable. Almost everything now is used as a news source from social media, to blogs, and everything in between.

In conclusion, I would like to say, I get my news from several different places. Just walking through the checkout lane in the grocery store I obtain and gather news. I read news articles online, and through social media, and I follow several news blogs. I receive news from friends and family as well. I like to listen to the radio with my Dad at night, and I also like to read my RSS feeds and gather news from there. In my opinion the best way to get news is through the internet. You don’t have to wait on the paper to be printed, or for broadcasts to air, all you have to do, is pull out your mobile device, and access everything in a matter of seconds, with a touch of a button. Everybody has their own preferences, but it is the speed and the variety of the internet that appeals to me the most. I understand that many people may enjoy the wait and anticipation of their favorite newspaper or magazine, and if it’s worth it for you, why not? These sources may not cover as many subjects in one place, but as long as they appeal to you that is all that matters. There are so many different ways of getting news, so feel free enjoy them all!


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