“4.02 Logic and Fallacies” – FLVS Journalism Assignment

For this assessment you must write a personal essay in which you explain a time when you have experienced one of these logical fallacies in real life. Take a look at each fallacy and think about what it means. Write a multi-paragraph response explaining the following things:

  • What happened?
  • How do you know it was a logical fallacy?
  • How the situation was resolved?


Logical fallacies are everywhere in our lives. They are all over the television, and the internet as well. It also happens in our schools, churches and circles of friends everywhere.

I have been privileged, and not so privileged, to be able to not have to deal with these types of situations very often. But the one time that comes to mind that I was involved in one of these situations was with my friends one time. All my girl friends started wearing this specific brand to church, namely Hollister. I had no clothing from this brand, and I started to think that I needed a big style change to fit in properly. I relayed my feeling to my Mom one day, and we talked about it, and she told me that even though I was beautiful with my own style, like no one else’s, she would try to see if we could acquire some of these “popular” clothes. A few weeks later Mom came home from the local consignment store, with a bunch of brand new Hollister clothing that she had found. All of them were new, but she only paid more than half the regular price for them, and I would finally “fit in”. But his didn’t last. Now Hollister isn’t exactly the “in” thing to wear anymore. Even though a lot of teenagers, like myself, and my friends, all still flaunt our Hollister styles all the time, we are still just a little bit “out of style”.

Moral of the story: This is a prime example of bandwagon fallacies that happen all the time. I will never, and most of my friends, will never nor have the money and time to stay “in” all the time. We will never be able to keep up with the constantly changing trends and styles.

31 Random Facts About Me #31

Random Fact #31: Very timely, how this one, I have absolutely nothing else to put here, about me, that is random LOL! Okay so here’s what we’ll do, Pick a really random question for me and post it in the comments, and I will answer it.

Random Fact #31: I have eaten a grasshopper, and it was not because I was dared to.

Happy Birthday to myself!!! can’t believe I am 16.

31 Random Facts About Me #28

Random Fact #28: I used to absolutely hate swimming. My Dad was not the most patient swimming teacher, and as a result I dreaded going to the beach. Every time we would go to the beach, he would take me out to the water and make me swim and if I messed up, well let’s not go there.  Let’s just say it wasn’t the happiest time for me. So that explains why I hated swimming when I was little.

Once I began swimming on my own, I was fin, and I even considered, for a little while, maybe pursuing the local swim team. But I’m not really a very strong swimmer, and I don’t love swimming as much as I love Volleyball.

31 Random Facts About Me #27

Random Fact #27: My good friend Ellie Mae William’s 15th birthday is today!!! Happy Birthday girl! I Really really really REALLY miss you and your whole fam, and I hope we can get together sometime soon!

Ellie is just one of the like at least 3 dozen friends I have that live out of state.  She lives in north Tennessee, and we haven’t seen each other in like 4 years.

31 Random Facts About Me #24, #25 & #26

Random Fact #24: I have never attended a public school a day in my life. But I would love to finish High School in a regular High School. I’m pretty sure my parents would NEVER let me.

Random Fact #25: I have always wanted to graduate at the age of 16. Ha! LOL That is so not happening.

Random Fact #26: My dream wedding is one of two things. A barn wedding, anywhere, with a really rustic, country feel. Or, a beach wedding, with a really rustic nautical theme in Nantucket, Massachusetts.  Okay that was really random. LOL