31 days till my birthday! 31 Random Facts About Me #1

So I have started the count down! I will be 16 in exactly 31 days!!!! I so can’t wait! Okay so to make the count down a little bit interesting I have decided to do this thing, where everyday up until my Birthday, I will post a random fact about me. Some of them will be really goofy, some will be really embarrassing, and some will be very serious to me. I hope this will make it fun! I so can’t wait till my birthday.

So . . . . . .

Random Fact #1. I am afraid of the dark. Yes you heard correctly. Depending on where it is, though. If it is our house, I am not scared of the dark. I could literally walk around this house blindfolded (we did this one time with all of my sisters and I, and it was pretty funny) and still get right where I want to. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those people who believes there is a boogie man behind every bench, but I have been startled and scared out of my brain, way too many times, in the pitch black dark. Like our yard, is very wooded, so in the day time, I know every inch of it, literally, and I have no fear, but the minute that the sun goes down, and our yard gets all shadowy, I am scared to death about being out there with out a light, or someone with me.  I am very easy to startle. Most of my really close friends can attest to that fact, because they have all startled me pretty badly. Thus it is very fun, for most people, to startle me, because it’s so easy. One of the things that contributed to me being so afraid of the dark, is that  I have had so many friends take me out into a really dark yard, and like hide behind a tree and then jump out and like scare me to death, and stuff like that.

For those of you who are reading this, (Yea I’m talking to you Harley, Larissa, and Olivia) who now want to startle the living day lights out of me. I will warn you, that as a result of being being startled so many times, I am very observant, so I don’t miss much. I say all that to say this, good luck, if it works for you. I hope it was amusing. You will get a pretty good laugh out of me, and maybe a scream, because I was startled, but yea.


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