31 Random Facts About Me #3

Random Fact #3. My Dad’s nickname for me is . . . . . . (having second thoughts about posting this already) . . . Coconut. Yea, when I was really little He started calling me Coconut, and it has stuck all my life. I used to really hate being called that, but now I don’t mind so much. The funny part about it, is that it is very accurate. I love anything that is flavored with coconut,  from ice cream (my total fav!),  cupcakes, cakes, pies, rice, and really just about anything. Coconut flavored ice cream is my absolute favorite thing in the world. A few weeks ago, my Mom and I went to do some errands, and we stopped at a local Italian Ice place called Rita’s. Anyway, I had never been there before, but before we walked in the door I looked at Mom and said, “if they have coconut, that’s what I am having”. The one thing that I really want to have, that I have not yet tried is Coconut Cream Pie, now that sounds really awesome! LOL


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