31 Random Facts About Me #5

Random Fact #5: My dream vehicle is a Big Black Jacked up Ford Truck! Oh yea! I want a Black Ford truck, jacked up, really high, 4 wheel drive, off road, with knobby tires and a boom system! I want my truck to be black, as I have already stated, but it is also either going to have pink racer stripes down the hood, or it’s going have Realtree Camo trim around the bottom of the truck and on the rims. As soon as I get enough money to buy one, I plan on getting my truck. I so can’t wait.

I actually had my heart set on getting myself a Chevy truck, but I changed my mind, and now I want a Ford truck. The reason why is that Dad, who actually seems to like the idea of me getting a truck, thinks that it would be smarter to get a Ford truck. Besides I think Ford trucks are really pretty sweet too.

Why do you want a truck you ask. Well, I am not a girly girl, most of y’all know that, so yea I really like trucks, I think they are so cool. Besides I mean a jacked up Camero or Mustang (the only other cars I want), would look a little bit funny, so yea. I want a truck, so I can go driving through mud, and woods, and stuff, I can haul stuff, I can give all my siblings rides in the truck bed, they love doing that, I can go to bonefire parties, and flip down my tailgate and sit on it, I can lie down in the truck bed with my friends and look at the stars, and all that good stuff. For all y’all who think I’m crazy, y’all just wait till I get my truck, I will be so cool! 😛 I’m just kidding. But really I can’t wait till I can drive.


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