Old Surf Pics!


So I was going through my photos from last summer, looking for a good pic of me, and I found these really awesome pics of me, and my surf board! I was awesome! lol I was surfing, so obviously I did not take these pics, Mom did with my camera actually lol. Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool find. I totally forgot Mom took this pics, but when I saw them, I immediately remembered that day. I specifically remember it, because the waves were really quite crappy and I sat out there off the beach for like an hour and a half, waiting for a good wave to roll in, and there was nothing. It was a little annoying LOL The other thing I remember about that day was that it was almost exactly a year ago, and it was like right after I got my ears pierced, and my ears were really hurting. LOL I just have too good of a memory LOL



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