“5.02 Source Materials: research” – FLVS Journalism 1 Assignment

For this assessment you must identify at least three sources you intend to consult about your topic, as well as at least two interview sources. These will be part of the requirement for your assignment. Make sure all of your sources are credible and will together provide a balanced view of your topic without showing your opinion.

Include a paragraph explaining your sources and your selections for interviewees, how you will contact them, and how they will add to the impartiality and credibility of your story. Add secondary options for people you will contact in case your first interview selections are not available when the time comes. Sometimes celebrities, major politicians, and others are unable to respond to requests in a timely manner.

Your instructor will approve your sources or give you feedback on how to improve them.

You do not need to conduct your research or interview yet. However, make sure ahead of time that those you plan to interview are willing and able to meet with you when the time comes.


I plan on using sources such as national news outlets, and Live Science for my research sources. I am going to interview a local oil company owner, as well as a FWC officer.  Any other interviewees might also include my Grandparents, and/or a few of my family members.

“5.01 Before You Write” – FLVS Journalism 1 Assignment

For this assessment you must decide what you would like to write about and then share your idea with your instructor. You must choose a topic that interests you and then write a one-paragraph plan about what you intend to cover in your report and why you intend to cover that topic. Remember that you need to be able to remain impartial in your writing about this topic.

Ask yourself the following questions about how to write your report:

  • What is my topic? Offshore oil drilling
  • Who is my audience? Proponents of Offshore drilling
  • In what type of news medium should this story be presented (newspaper, radio, television, etc.)? I think it would be well presented on the television an/or newspaper/blog 
  • Whom can I interview? I can interview a FWC officer, and someone from a local oil company.
  • Where can I gather research? On the internet, and from my interviews
  • How can I remain impartial about this topic, even though I find it interesting? I can remain impartial about this topic, because I have looked at both sides of the issue. 


Father’s Day Adventure 2015

As the title suggests, we had quite an adventure this past weekend, on Father’s Day. On Friday, we drove from our house here in Palm Bay, to our old house in Orange Park, to get another load of stuff. We decided to stay the night there and go to visit some friends at a congregation in South Georgia on Saturday. Then on Sunday, I talked Dad into driving to Lake City, to visit my BFF for the day. We had so much fun.

So a few days before our little trip, I called Violet and told we were coming up there for a few days, and of course she insisted on hanging out sometime. It had been a few months since I had seen her so I was pretty psyched. Anyway, while we were on the phone, she old me about this place, called Bob’s River Place on the bank of the Suwannee  river, just a little ways west of Lake City, that had all these water slides, and rope swings and really fun stuff on the river. So I looked it up, and talked Dad into taking us there. We had so much, like you cannot imagine the amount of fun we had. It was so cool.

Bob’s River Place was basically this place on the side of the Suwannee river, that has rope swings and water slides, into the river. The biggest rope swing, is about 50 feet up of the water, and the water is really deep, so no chance of hitting the bottom. There are also a few rope swings that are lower. You can also climb up to the top of the huge, old oak tree and jump into the water from there, which is I would guesstimate to be about 60 or so feet of the water. I jumped into the river from the highest rope swing, the 50 (or so) footer, and I will tell you, it was pure adrenaline rush. Like you would look down from the platform built up in the tree, onto the water, and like your stomach dropped out from under you, and I mean I had never jumped into any water from that high up, so to say that I was little bit scared, would be an understatement. Some how, though I got my nerves of steel to kick in and after a little bit of encouragement from the onlookers I did actually jump.

Another thing Vi and I did there, was we played water volleyball in the water volleyball court. That was a lot of fun, and something I nor Violet had ever done before. We also sang karaoke on the karaoke stage. That was so cool, but I had to literally pull Vi out there with me, to do it, LOL. We sang “Mama’s Broken Heart” By Miranda Lambert.

I took some videos of us there, and I might be posting them soon. But for now, you will just have to be satisfied with these pics that Me and Vi took of us goofing off, on our way back to her house. we are THE Selfie Queens! LOL  😛

Translation for Humide et Beutiful! French for Wet and Beautiful!

Dad has promised to take us back to Bob’s river Place, sometime soon, when Mama and my sis Faith get back in town, and I swear I am going to do the absolutely insane jump, and jump from the top of the oak tree into the water. I have already started psyching myself out for it LOL. I can’t wait to go back. For all my friends, who are interested in going, A) look up Bob’s River Place, Branford Fl, and you can get directions there. It is well worth the drive. You only have to pay 20$ for a car load of up to 6 people to get in, and that’s it. B) I promise to let y’all know next time we go, and maybe we can go together! 😛


Sunshine ❤ 😛

“5.00 Intro to the writing process” – FLVS Journalism 1 Assignment

For this journal entry, you will consider the following questions and answer both in as much detail as possible.

1. What are your thoughts on writing in general? Describe your impression of the written word and its importance in the world. Explain how you feel about writing, personally.

2. Is it truly possible to write impartially? Analyze what you know about credible news reporting and compare that with what you know about human beings. Explain your thoughts about whether reporters can remain completely impartial in their work.

Your journal entry should be at least three paragraphs of your own writing, and you must give credit to all sources you use or quote. Try to be as informative as possible. Imagine this is an assignment for a large news organization, and that you are supposed to provide useful information to your readers on this topic.


My general thoughts on writing, hmmm interesting question. Well my initial thought would be that I hate writing for school and stuff and I don’t really consider myself that good at it. I think that written words are very important and meaningful.  I think that if we only spoke to our peers instead of writing, to each other, also it would be a downfall for the deaf community.

Personally, I think that if someone has the guts to say something to you in writing, it can be very meaningful, and sincere, on the other hand I think that it really takes guts to say something to someone’s face as well. At the same time, I think that, depending on the person, and how well I now them, and what kind of personality they have, I take something written pretty seriously. I mean if it’s written at least you can go back and say hey, you know you said this, or you said that, whereas if they just say it, it’s like well I don’t remember saying that and now it’s your word against their’s, or whatever.  There is a reason that contracts are written, and signed in writing, it’s meaningful, it’s important, it’s symbolic.

Is it possible to truly possible to write impartially, Yea, I think so. To write impartially, just basically means write fairly, unbiased and totally justly. It’s not easy, but it can be done. You just have to make sure you write with equal parts to both sides of the story. Showing fairness and equality to all the parties involved. I think that we can remain impartial, it is possible, but we are all human, and we all have opinions and feelings, and thoughts, too.

Featured Book Report By Allie Tucker

Sundays are book report day. So we all have to write a book report on a book we read recently. Yesterday Allie Chose to write the following report. I thought it was kind of cute. Here it is:

Webster’s II New Riverside University Dictionary 1984

This report is on the Webster’s Dictionary that this household posses. It is a very useful tool, especially when you are writing an essay or a book report. This dictionary was written around 1840, originally. It was written by Noah Webster, when he decided he wanted an American dictionary instead of a British one. It took him over ten years to write, and he actually had it printed in England when he was around 85 years old. That was also where he finished writing the book. He was the one who changed the spellings of many words to the spellings we use to day. For example the word Goal. It was changed to Jail. Another would be the word Plough. That was changed to Plow. There are many other examples, but those are a few that stuck in my head. The Webster’s Dictionary is very useful, containing words from Aardvark, to Recuperate, to Zyzzyva. Anyway, whenever you need a dictionary, use Webster’s! 

“1.04 Journalism Today” – FLVS Journalism 1 Assignment

Interviewing three people today. The first person will be a good friend of mine, his name is Spencer, he just turned 16, like me. Next person will be my mother who is 43. Her name is Lupita. The last person will be my Dad, he is 52 and his name is Curtis. The interviews are below.

Spencer’s Interview

Sunshine: Hey Spencer! So okay where do you get your news?
Spencer: Yo! Um, from the internet
Sunshine: LOL right, any specific sources?
Spencer: Uh yea, Haaretz.com
Sunshine: Okay awesome, same here. So why do you choose to get your news from those sources?
Spencer: Um, because I want to stay informed about the stuff going on in The Land[of Israel]
Sunshine:  LOL Okay yea, that makes sense. So silly question, but has your method of news changed over time?
Spencer: Yes
Sunshine: How so?
Spencer: Well the media has changed so much, like now we get everything in our emails and stuff, so yea. Besides I used to just get news from my parents, now I get it myself.
Sunshine: Okay last question, and then we can talk about whatever. What changes do you think will come next for the news media?
Spencer: Um, well honestly I think news in the future will be rather useless.
Sunshine: LOL Yea I know what you mean.
Thank you so much Spencer for giving me 10 minutes of your time, in the middle of College Dual Enrollment classes to let me interview you. You are awesome 🙂

Lupita’s Interview

Sunshine: Where do you get your news from today?
Lupita: I get my news from the New York Times, the Miami Herald, and CNN
Sunshine: Why do you choose to get your news from those places?
Lupita: Because I think their news is timely and well written.
Sunshine: Has your method of news changed over time?
Lupita: Yes I used to use Google news as [my primary] source of news.
Sunshine: So what changes do you think will come next for the news media?
Lupita: Hmmm it’s hard to predict what’s in the future. I mean the news comes to me, I used to have to seek it out, but now it comes to me so yea. Social media is about as personal and instant as you can get.
Sunshine: Okay one more question. What do you think was a turning point in media in the US was?
Lupita: 9/11. I think 9/11 was a key turning point. Twitter and Citizen Journalism has changed radically and 9/11 I think ushered in that change.
(FYI: In case you can’t tell, my Mom knows a lot about news and stuff like that. She has freelanced for a few magazines and stuff like that as well.)


Curtis’s Interview

Sunshine: Where do you get your news from Dad?
Curtis: The internet
Sunshine: Any specific sources?
Curtis: Um the local talk radio, NY Times, and First Coast News.
Sunshine: Why do you choose to get your news from those places?
Curtis: It’s convenient
Sunshine: Okay, and has your method of obtaining news changed over time?
Curtis: Sure! 30 yrs ago, I used to get my news off the TV.
Sunshine: Mmmhmmm, so what changes do you think will come next for the media?
Curtis: I think it’ll be more prevalent texted to your phone, and there will be more social media than just Facebook and Instagram. And all the phones will be more like a tablet, and it will just come straight in, probably whether you like it or not.



Goodbye possum, the dog that would always barks when we drove down our old street,

Goodbye to the playground, at Clark park who has seen it all

To all the trees in our spacious yard, who if they could talk, would be able to tell so many stories,

Goodbye to the train track, less than a mile from our house, whose trains never wake me up, but I always hear them if I am awake

Goodbye Blanding Blvd, the street I have seen almost every hour of the day, from 4 am, to high noon,

Goodbye Orange Park High, the school I wanted to be allowed to attend someday, and the school that I saw my Best Friend for Life Samuel W. Cook #68 of the CHS Tigers play in a football game, for my first time,

Goodbye to Cynthia and all the clerks at the post office, who I used to pick the wild marigolds for,

Goodbye to all of Fleming Island, where all my favorite houses are,

Goodbye to the Saddle Club, I’m going to miss hearing your announcer announcing the scores for all the horse racers and just being able to walk a few blocks from my house and watch the horses race,

The one place I have always wanted to take a boyfriend of mine to just hangout on a date someday,

Goodbye to all my friends around town, who I haven’t seen in forever, who I have dreamt of running into in WalMart sometime,

To all my Dad’s ex students, from all the schools that he has substituted at, and from his many classes at  Wilkinson Jr. High, who we are always running into, y’all are so much fun to meet

Goodbye to all the back roads I have ridden down, around here, bumpy, muddy, and twisty as can be,

Goodbye to Pongo, our faithful family dog, who we had for 10 years, and has seen it all, where ever you are now, goodbye

Goodbye to all my team mates from playing volleyball at the YMCA, Most of y’all were so much fun to play with, y’all are great girls, I hope you all make it far in volleyball as I know you all wanted to.


“4.03 Ethos and Credibility” – FLVS Journalism 1 Assignment

In an effort to attract more young and energetic High School and College student employees, popular fast fresh food chain Chipotle announced today that they will be providing the same perks that they provide for their full time employees for their part time employees as well. Those perks include, payed vacation and sick leave, and tuition reimbursement. A Chipotle spokesperson has confirmed this information, and has stated that these perks will take affect on July 1st.

The article I first read about this story was written by Times magazine. I then cross referenced the Time mag. article with a few others sources and verified it to be true. The Time mag. article was very unbiased and accurate.

I find Time mag. to be a rather reliable source of impartial of news. I follow the blog so I can get many of their stories more quickly than buying a subscription to the mag and getting it every week.


“4.01 Pathos In Journalistic Writing” – FLVS Journalism 1 Assignment

To be a marine is an honor, and it’s just as much about defending your country as it is about all the pomp and pageantry. It is a privilege to be able to serve your country and to identify yourself with the armed forces. At least that’s what I have always thought. Unfortunately that is not so much the case anymore. For women there are very different consequences of joining the armed forces, not just the ever present fact that you might give your life.

Sexual assault a threat to women that is just now becoming known in recent years. According to the Dept. of Defense (D.O.D.) tens of thousands of unwanted sexual contacts occur in the military every year, yet only a fraction of those get reported. This activity affects both men and women. According to one article I read, men more than half the victims are men, actually. But men in the service face the same risk of sexual assault as civilian men do. For women it is a very different struggle. Women who join the military, navy, marines and all other forms of the armed forces, face a much higher risk of sexual assault and abuse than civilian women do, on a day to day basis. As one young woman, a victim, put it, ” It’s like being in a horrible domestic violence marriage, that you can’t get divorced from”.

Now that we have established that it is certainly a problem, let’s look at why it is such a problem. Sexual assault in the military lowers the moral of the troops. It is also the cause of many PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) cases for women, not so much men as they suffer from PTSD due to all of the fighting, and blowing things and people up. But these aren’t the the only consequences of sexual assault infiltrating the armed forces. The biggest issue in my mind is that this problem, or epidemic as some people are calling it, is turning down young men and women who are willing to give all, to be service men and women of our great country. I can personally attest to this. I once seriously considered “joining up”. But I have no desire to have to face the difficulty of this type of treatment, and disrespect.

The pentagon and the DOD themselves have admitted that this stuff does happen. Now my only hope is that they will take the proper steps to support the victims and stop the offenders.  I can’t help but think of one particular friend I know in navy, a friend of mine, whom I have known since I was pretty little. I will pray everyday, and hope that he has not fallen a victim to this as so many young men have.