Featured Book Report By Allie Tucker

Sundays are book report day. So we all have to write a book report on a book we read recently. Yesterday Allie Chose to write the following report. I thought it was kind of cute. Here it is:

Webster’s II New Riverside University Dictionary 1984

This report is on the Webster’s Dictionary that this household posses. It is a very useful tool, especially when you are writing an essay or a book report. This dictionary was written around 1840, originally. It was written by Noah Webster, when he decided he wanted an American dictionary instead of a British one. It took him over ten years to write, and he actually had it printed in England when he was around 85 years old. That was also where he finished writing the book. He was the one who changed the spellings of many words to the spellings we use to day. For example the word Goal. It was changed to Jail. Another would be the word Plough. That was changed to Plow. There are many other examples, but those are a few that stuck in my head. The Webster’s Dictionary is very useful, containing words from Aardvark, to Recuperate, to Zyzzyva. Anyway, whenever you need a dictionary, use Webster’s! 


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