“5.01 Before You Write” – FLVS Journalism 1 Assignment

For this assessment you must decide what you would like to write about and then share your idea with your instructor. You must choose a topic that interests you and then write a one-paragraph plan about what you intend to cover in your report and why you intend to cover that topic. Remember that you need to be able to remain impartial in your writing about this topic.

Ask yourself the following questions about how to write your report:

  • What is my topic? Offshore oil drilling
  • Who is my audience? Proponents of Offshore drilling
  • In what type of news medium should this story be presented (newspaper, radio, television, etc.)? I think it would be well presented on the television an/or newspaper/blog 
  • Whom can I interview? I can interview a FWC officer, and someone from a local oil company.
  • Where can I gather research? On the internet, and from my interviews
  • How can I remain impartial about this topic, even though I find it interesting? I can remain impartial about this topic, because I have looked at both sides of the issue. 



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