“7.02 Project Planning” – FLVS Journalism 1 Assignment

If you are collaborating for this assessment, you must meet with your team and go through the project planning checklist. Write down the answers you come up with in your conversation. Each member of your team needs to submit this assignment.

If you are doing this assignment on your own, please complete the individual checklist.

Submit the answers to your checklist in list form to your instructor. Use proper spelling and grammar.


When do I plan to complete this project? We are aiming to complete this project in a week or week and a half. So tentatively that would be around the 3rd of August.

What resources do I already have that pertain to this project? Well I have several websites that I can research and I am going to get some resources from the library, also.

What resources do I still need to complete this project? I have to write my article, and compile the photographs I am going to use. My collaborative partner has to write her article also.

What news story (stories) will I focus on for the topic of my project? I am not focusing on any news stories for this project. The project is on the history of skateboarding.

“7.01 Your Project Proposal” – FLVS Journalism 1 Assignment

For this assessment you must submit a project proposal to your instructor that addresses the following questions:

  1. If collaborating, who are your partners?
  2. What project will you be doing
  3. How do you plan to complete this project?
  4. What resources will you leverage for this project?
  5. What specific news issue will your project address?
  6. What questions do you still have?

Your project proposal should be in paragraph form. If you are working as part of a team, each member of your team needs to submit this assignment. You may work together to draft your answers to the questions. Use proper spelling and grammar.

My Collaborative partner will be Brea Gilchrist! So as not to tackle any controversial subject, in this project, we would like do our project on The History of Skateboarding. Our project will be online, and it will be posted on both of our blogs. I will use resources such as Skateboarding Magazine, Skatelog.com, and StreetisCulture.com. I will also probably get some books from the library on skateboarding for this project. This project will not be addressing a specific news issue. The only questions I can think of right now is Do we have to personally take the photographs that we use for this assignment ourselves? Or can I use a photo or a few photos from the internet and provide citations for all of them?

“5.07 Content Editing and Copyediting” – FLVS Journalism 1 Assignment

This is an assignment I did about a month ago, and I decided to post it on here, just for the sake of keeping all my work from this class in one place. If there is any feedback y’all have I would greatly appreciate it. 🙂


AmTrack Train accident in Philadelphia, Tuesday night, May 12, 2015

May 14, 2015

Tuesday night was one fatal train ride home for 8 passengers on Amtrak Train number 188. The train was rounding a turn, just outside of Philadelphia, when 7 cars and the engine were derailed. What has been determined as the initial cause of the derailing, is that the train was reportedly going 106 MPH, more than twice the speed rating on the curve. Thankfully there were only 8 deaths, but an estimated 200 of the 243 passengers were sent to the hospital.

The entire Northeast corridor is now closed, due to the accident according to National Railroad Administration, many people will not be able to make it to their jobs via train, between Washington DC and Boston, until next Tuesday. There are Thousands of people living in the northeast US who use the train system as their main way of commuting to and from the big cities.

This is not the first fatal train accident in Philadelphia. Seventy years ago, 79 lives were lost in the Frankfort Junction area, less than a mile from Tuesday night’s AmTrack accident. It has since been noted as the most fatal train crash in US history.  That train, the Congressional Limited, carrying more than twice the amount of passengers as the AmTrak train number 188, had a passenger manifest totaling 541 passengers, many of them whole families and military servicemen.

Very little is still known about why the accident on Tuesday night happened, and what could have prevented it. The engineer of the train, Brandon Bostian, was taken to the hospital immediately following the accident and was released having only suffered a concussion and a few other minor injuries. Bostian has no recollections of events just before the derailment. Several causes are currently being considered, including Speed, Human Error, and a possibility that the train was struck by some foreign object, causing it to be derailed, or causing the conductor to lose control.




“5.03 Source Materials: Interviews” – FLVS Journalism 1 Assignment

For this assessment you must submit original, open-ended interview questions to your instructor. For each person on your list of interviewees for this module project, you must draft at least 10 questions. Some of your questions may be the same between interviews, but at least three should refer specifically to the person you are interviewing at the time.

You will need to conduct research on your own before drafting questions so that you ask informed questions.

Write a one-paragraph summary explaining how and where you conducted your research, as well as how you decided on the questions you will use.


Questions for FWC officer:

  1. What is your opinion on Offshore drilling?
  2. How do you think offshore drilling in the Gulf effects Florida beaches?
  3. How does Offshore drilling impact our marine environments?
  4. What do you think is the largest harmful effect that offshore drilling has on our oceans?
  5. How do you feel knowing that there are hundreds of thousands of gallons of chemical slug waste is being dumped into the ocean from oil rig out there?
  6. What do you think is a good solution to our offshore drilling problems?

Questions for Local Oil Company employee:

  1. What is our view on Offshore oil drilling?
  2. Do you advocate drilling offshore, or not?
  3. How would knowing that there are hundreds of thousands of gallons of chemical slug waste is being dumped into the ocean from oil rigs out there impact your view on Offshore drilling?
  4. Does your company get oil from a source that is from an offshore driller?
  5. Do you think that offshore oil drilling really makes the price of gas cheaper?
  6. Why?

In my research, I used resources such as the LiveScience.com, for my research on Offshore oil drilling, and how it impacts our economy. I used the National department of energy for information on how offshore drilling effects our beaches. I decided on the above questions through my research and also based on who I will be asking them of. I wanted to make sure my questions were very informed, and would provoke informing answers.