“7.02 Project Planning” – FLVS Journalism 1 Assignment

If you are collaborating for this assessment, you must meet with your team and go through the project planning checklist. Write down the answers you come up with in your conversation. Each member of your team needs to submit this assignment.

If you are doing this assignment on your own, please complete the individual checklist.

Submit the answers to your checklist in list form to your instructor. Use proper spelling and grammar.


When do I plan to complete this project? We are aiming to complete this project in a week or week and a half. So tentatively that would be around the 3rd of August.

What resources do I already have that pertain to this project? Well I have several websites that I can research and I am going to get some resources from the library, also.

What resources do I still need to complete this project? I have to write my article, and compile the photographs I am going to use. My collaborative partner has to write her article also.

What news story (stories) will I focus on for the topic of my project? I am not focusing on any news stories for this project. The project is on the history of skateboarding.

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