A night to remember

Last night, was the most memorable volleyball game I have ever played.

Image result for attitude is everything volleyballImage result for attitude is everything volleyball

First I will start with what came to me last night, as I did my best to go to sleep, to no avail, even though I was dead tired. Attitude is Altitude. “Wow Sunny that is sooo profund!” LOL Yes I know, but I promise I did not make that up, I once heard it said by a very wise person, in my life, who is no longer with us. And that is exactly what we learned, as a team last night.

The minute I stepped on to that court, I was on fire. There really are no words to describe how I feel mentally and physically, when I play volleyball. But what I can say is that the moment I stepped on to that court, there were no cheering parents, there were no screaming coaches, and there was no pain in my leg(long story, I will explain that one later), all there was me, five other girls from my team, and the other team in front of me. I was in a completely different world. I blocked out all other sounds, everything else, just me, the girls, and the net. And of course the ball bouncing from person to person, and hitting the floor.

After coach gave us his pre-game pep rally, and we did a few cheers, we warmed up, for 30 minutes, which included running 4 laps around the basketball court, stretching, and a few pre-game drills. Then we sang the national anthem, saluted the flag, said a prayer and started the game formalities. Coach D announced all of us over the PA system, by name and number, and then we wished the other team good luck.

Our first set (Sorry for those of you who don’t know volleyball, I am not going to explain the scoring/game system right now) we lost by like literally 5 points. We came so close. The second set, we made a huge come back. Right out the gate, we had a 3 point lead, which believe me is really close for volleyball. We held that lead, for the whole set, and won. That put both teams tied up, so we play a third set, to 15 points. Once again, we held the lead, at 11 – 2, then we lost it, and the other team gained 7 points, bringing it up to 11 – 9. From there we won the last 4 points, and won the third set.

There is no sound I love more, than the sound of a whole team of girls, plus all the parents and the whole school in the stands, stopping their feet, and screaming as loud as possible, when a game is won. Last night, we really came together like a team. We didn’t get discouraged in the first set. We held our heads high. We played our best. But we did not exude pride and arrogance, as I have seen so many opposing teams do. That has got to be the worst, yet most effective strategy I have ever played against. Believe me, it’s hard to play against that.

As a team, we always make it a point, (no pun intended) to not pray, that our team would win, but to pray that the best team would win (we sorta think that we are the best, but that is still debatable) whether it be our team, or the opposing team. If we are not the best team, we don’t deserve to win, if we are the best, then we do.

In conclusion, I just am amazed at how well we did last night. I mean we haven’t even played that well or that hard, in practice! I guess it just goes to show how much we were on fire last night, and how much, like I said, attitude effects everything. I have never played a game like I did last night. I truly am blessed to be apart of such a great team, we really have some awesome girls. I woke up this morning, ready to play again. Play like it is my last game.

As we always say, Work Hard, Play Harder!!!! GO EAGLES!!!!!

“6.01 Your Interest Inventory” – FLVS Journalism 1 Assignment

For this assessment you must research the career in journalism that interests you most. This can be a position described in this course, or it can be another news position that you would like to consider. Find a listing for an opening online. Evaluate the following details of the listing:

  • Where is the job located?
  • About how much money can a person in that position expect to make?
  • What skills are required?
  • What level of education is required?
  • What kind of experience is expected?

You must select a Web 2.0 tool to present your findings. Possible Web 2.0 tools are a talking avatar, a video, a slideshow, or even a podcast. Be creative and have fun trying a new Web 2.0 tool! Provide all of the information listed above, as well as a link to the job listing itself.

There are many 21st century tools available for effective collaboration and communication in the online environment. For more information on tools your school uses, please contact your instructor or visit the Web 2.0 tools area.

When you have done this, post the results of your Interest Machine quiz for discussion. Explain in one paragraph whether you agree or disagree with the Interest Machine, and why. You may also choose to present your findings for job openings. This can be a great opportunity to share useful information with others!


The First position I happened upon, is not your typical Photojournalism position, but none the less, it is just as demanding and professional as any other photojournalist. This position, is for a photojournalists with the United States Air Force. You will be an enlisted airman(or women!), as opposed to a commissioned officer. You are not required to have a college degree, but it would not hurt to have a degree in Mass Communication. As all airmen and women do, you will go through 8 and a 1/2 weeks of basic military training in Fort Meade, Florida. It is also expected that you have a considerable amount of background education, and/or experience in some form of photojournalism.

My Interest Machine results are as follows: “You may want to video, photograph, or edit images for television news!”

Family Reunion ish. . . . . .

So yesterday was sooooooo busy and really pretty crazy to be honest.

Allie and I had volleyball practice @ 3:45, and then from there we drove back home, and picked up the rest of the fam, and drove and hour and a half over to the Orlando area to eat dinner with a bunch of friends we hadn’t seen in a while. I was all sparkly(FYI Girls don’t sweat, we sparkle), and stinky from practice. Allie, was smart enough to actually take a shower @ the gym, while I made a dumb excuse not to take one, and paid for it in the end. UGH!!!! Anyway, the rest of the night was sooooo much fun.

We ate dinner @ Sweet Tomatoes, pretty much our favorite restaurant, with my adopted older brother(Pretty much, that’s how close we are, and he is like another son to my Dad), Forest, and his girlfriend Lynae (Super sorry if I misspelled your name! 🙂 ), Forest’s sister Rebecca, and his Mom Gerri, a friend of our’s and Forest’s, Julia Ann, who got married about 2 years ago now, and now has twin boys who are almost a year old, and we haven’t seen her since before she got married. Also Forest and Rebecca’s cousin Patrick, was with us, hadn’t seen him, since 2009, and one of Forest’s college friends, Chris came too!!!!

There were soooo many people! LOL But we all had so much fun! Forest, is always a ton of fun to hang with, like I mean ALWAYS, and I have known him since he was about 14 or 15. We are 6 years apart, so that means I was 8 or 9 when I met Forest, and his fam. We are all so old now-a-days.

Forest lives pretty close to us now, because he is attending UCF in Orlando, and so therefore is like an hour away from us, so we have been hanging out with him more often. I will have to finish the post I started a few weeks ago, about the last time we hung out with Forest. It was so cool, we went down to the beach around 10 @ night, and walked down the beach, looking for sea turtles laying their eggs! And we actually saw several lay! It was a lot of fun, and really cool to just hang out with Forest then as well.

I wish we had taken some pics last night but we were just having so much fun, laughing and joking, and eating and stuff, that nobody thought of taking a pic. LOL And of course it was a pretty late night, so once we got past like 9:30, everything started to be just gut wrenching-ly hilarious. Forest has this amazing talent of being able to say everything, just perfectly hilariously, and make everyone crack up, over the most simple statement. AND all his jokes are hilarious. To the point that when we were all getting our cars to drive home, Lynae, and I had huge cramps from laughing so hard! LOL

Okay, Okay, I will stop gushing, and bragging and finish this up, so that I can go to Volleyball practice. Have an awesome weekend y’all!


Sunshine 😀 ❤

“6.00 Thinking About Careers” – FLVS Journalism 1 Assignment

Reporter’s Notebook

For this journal entry, you will identify a current journalist you admire or who interests you. Research this journalist’s career path and current position.

Write one paragraph about the jobs the journalist held on the way to where he or she is today. Be sure to answer the following questions in your paragraph:

  • Where did the journalist get his or her start?
  • For what news organizations has the journalist worked?
  • What different positions has the journalist held?
  • What level of experience do you feel this journalist currently has?

Write a second paragraph about what the journalist does now. Be sure to answer the following questions in your paragraph:

  • How does this current job differ from the journalist’s previous news positions?
  • How is this current job similar to the journalist’s previous new positions?
  • Is this journalist at the top of his or her career, in your opinion? Explain your answer.
  • What duties must someone in this person’s position perform?

Your journal entry should be at least two paragraphs of your own writing, and you must give credit to all sources you use or quote. Try to be as informative as possible. Imagine this is an assignment for a large news organization, and that you are supposed to provide useful information to your readers on this topic.


From writing for his school newspaper, to becoming The New York Time’s most read Op-Ed Columnist, Thomas Friedman is a perfect example of what a little bit of zeal, and lots of hard work can get you. Friedman admittedly only took journalism course in his home town High school in 10th grade. Coming from a Jewish family, he always had an interest in the middle east, since and early age. This interest blossomed when he spent three summers during his high school years on a kibbutz near Haifa, Israel.  He attended Univ. Minnesota later transferring to Brandeis Univ., where he earned a degree in Mediterranean studies. After graduating from Brandeis, he attended St Antony’s College at the University of Oxford as a Marshall Scholar, earning an M.Phil. in Middle Eastern studies.

Friedman joined the London bureau of United Press International after completing his master’s degree. He covered the Lebanon Civil War from Beirut, from beginning to end, first for the United Press International, hen he was hired by The New York Times as a reporter in 1981 and re-dispatched to Beirut at the start of the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon. His coverage of the war, most notably the Sabra and Shatila massacre, won him the Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting. Alongside David K. Shipler he also won the George Polk Award for foreign reporting.

In June 1984, Friedman was transferred to Jerusalem, where he served as the New York Times Jerusalem Bureau Chief until February 1988. That year he received a second Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting. He wrote a book, From Beirut to Jerusalem, describing his experiences in the Middle East, which won the 1989 U.S. National Book Award for Nonfiction.

Friedman covered Secretary of State James Baker during the administration of President George H. W. Bush. Following the election of Bill Clinton in 1992, Friedman became the White House correspondent for the New York Times. In 1994, he began to write more about foreign policy and economics, and moved to the op-ed page of The New York Times the following year as a foreign affairs columnist. In 2002, Friedman won the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary for his “clarity of vision, based on extensive reporting, in commenting on the worldwide impact of the terrorist threat.”

In February 2002, Friedman met Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah and encouraged him to make a comprehensive attempt to end the Arab-Israeli conflict by normalizing Arab relations with Israel in exchange for the return of refugees alongside an end to the Israel territorial occupations. Abdullah proposed the Arab Peace Initiative at the Beirut Summit that March, which Friedman has since strongly supported.