“6.01 Your Interest Inventory” – FLVS Journalism 1 Assignment

For this assessment you must research the career in journalism that interests you most. This can be a position described in this course, or it can be another news position that you would like to consider. Find a listing for an opening online. Evaluate the following details of the listing:

  • Where is the job located?
  • About how much money can a person in that position expect to make?
  • What skills are required?
  • What level of education is required?
  • What kind of experience is expected?

You must select a Web 2.0 tool to present your findings. Possible Web 2.0 tools are a talking avatar, a video, a slideshow, or even a podcast. Be creative and have fun trying a new Web 2.0 tool! Provide all of the information listed above, as well as a link to the job listing itself.

There are many 21st century tools available for effective collaboration and communication in the online environment. For more information on tools your school uses, please contact your instructor or visit the Web 2.0 tools area.

When you have done this, post the results of your Interest Machine quiz for discussion. Explain in one paragraph whether you agree or disagree with the Interest Machine, and why. You may also choose to present your findings for job openings. This can be a great opportunity to share useful information with others!


The First position I happened upon, is not your typical Photojournalism position, but none the less, it is just as demanding and professional as any other photojournalist. This position, is for a photojournalists with the United States Air Force. You will be an enlisted airman(or women!), as opposed to a commissioned officer. You are not required to have a college degree, but it would not hurt to have a degree in Mass Communication. As all airmen and women do, you will go through 8 and a 1/2 weeks of basic military training in Fort Meade, Florida. It is also expected that you have a considerable amount of background education, and/or experience in some form of photojournalism.

My Interest Machine results are as follows: “You may want to video, photograph, or edit images for television news!”


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