Be Happy

the hardest thing

All I want is for you to be truly happy,

that’s what I told you,

and that’s how I will always feel,

you are happy now,

So I am happy,

happy that you are happy,

I have realized that it is selfish of me to want you back,

because it seems that I would be the only truly happy one then,

and yes there will always be a part of me that will cry,

cry about what happened with us,

but now I am just happy to see you so happy,

the one thing that would always make me happy,

was just seeing your huge smile,

To talk to you over the phone when you were smiling was the best,

Yes I could tell when it was a fake smile,

but when it was a real smile,

it always made me want to melt,

and of course I would always smile back,

because I couldn’t help it,

I will always remember and cherish all the memories I have of us,

every single one,

but most of all,

I will always want the very best for you,

and I always want to see you happy,

Truly happy,

I will be big enough for both of us,

and say,

Be Happy 🙂 ❤

1-1-2015 ?

8 months and counting?

The best girl a guy could ever ask for?

Taking your princess out?

You would think that I would have moved on by now,

I mean it’s only been 8 1/2 MONTHS!

Why didn’t we make it that far?

Just think,

8 months of heaven,

taking me out,

You and I going fishing on Labor day,

but we only made it through 2 months,

the two most busy months of our High School years,

and we didn’t make it,

You were stressed over Football,

I was stretched to thin with Volleyball,

it all started exactly a year ago,

why haven’t I gotten over all these feelings yet?

I haven’t even met her yet,

I can barely get you to text me back anymore,

and worst of all,

a girl on my team reminds me of your sister,

I know I shouldn’t,

But I swear I think about you, at least once a day,

and when I do,

I always remember that time,

like 3 months ago,

we were texting,

and just talking about our past together,

and you told me,

that you regretted never kissing me,

I feel so guilty,

and I don’t know what for,

this is torture,

when we broke up,

my heart broke up,

and I have tried to put it back together,

but I always end up like this,



mad at myself,

and thinking abut you,

way. to. much.

“7.00 Starting Your Project” – FLVS Journalism Assignment

Reporter’s Notebook

For this journal entry, you will reflect upon your thoughts about journalism. Write two paragraphs showing how your perception of journalism has changed in this course.

In your first paragraph, explain how you felt about journalism before you took this class. Be sure to answer the following questions in your paragraph:

  1. What did you think a journalist was before you started this course?
  2. What did you think the purpose of journalism was before you started this course?
  3. What did you know or believe about journalistic ethics before you started this course?
  4. What did you understand about the difference between impartial reporting and opinion writing before you started this course?
  5. Were you interested in journalism as a career before you started this course? Why, or why not?

Write a second paragraph that explains your thoughts on journalism today. Reflect upon your experiences in this class. Be sure to answer the following questions in your paragraph:

  1. How has your definition of a journalist changed?
  2. What do you think the purpose of journalism is now?
  3. What do you know and believe about journalistic ethics now? How is this different or the same from what you knew before?
  4. How has your understanding of the difference between impartial reporting and opinion writing changed?
  5. Are you interested in journalism as a career now? Why or why not?
  6. What do you believe the future holds for journalism?

Your journal entry should be at least two paragraphs of your own writing, and you must give credit to all sources you use or quote. Try to be as informative as possible.


Before this course, Journalists to me have always been newspaper reporters, sports photographers and news anchors. I thought the purpose of journalists was to inform the public about issues, and current events around the world. I knew nothing about ethics, and their role in the world of news or reporting. Impartial and opinion writing  was very important, in my opinion. It was important to distinguish between the two, and not to mix them. I was somewhat interested in a career in journalism when I started this course. The reason being that I was very interested in incorporating photography in my future career, and I thought that Photojournalism would be a good way to do that.

My definition of journalism has changed a little bit, since before I enrolled in this course. My mother, a freelance journalist herself, has always exposed my siblings and I to a several journalistic type events throughout my life. I think that the purpose of journalism is still to inform the greater public of current important events nationally and locally. Like I said before, I didn’t have a clue about ethics, and their role in journalism, and now I see how important they are in journalism, as a whole. I am actually no longer interested in a journalistic career, because I have found something that I am much more passionate about studying and pursuing as a long-term career. I honestly do not know what the future may hold for journalism. I think that possibly journalism, and news will be much more personal, and even more reachable than it already is.

“6.02 Getting an Education” – FLVS Journalism 1 Assignment

For this assessment you must create a life plan.

State your career path and first milestone. Then answer the following questions in at least two sentences each:

  • How do I get there from here?
  • What education do I need to reach this milestone?
  • What education do I need to succeed in this career?
  • What steps can I take now to begin preparing my future?
  • How long might this take me?

When you are done, write a one-paragraph reflection about your life plan. Respond to the overall process. Do you think your goals are reasonable? Why or why not? How does it make you feel to have written a career plan? Why do you think people engage in this kind of activity? Be as thoughtful as you can in your response.


Well, I sort of feel weird writing up a life plan for a journalism class, even though I don’t plan on pursuing a career in journalism. But here we go.

My career path, as I see it, at this point (take note: I am only 16. I have a long way to go, and many things might change) is go to a university and study Marine Science. My first goal is to get a sports scholarship for that university. Getting a scholarships require a huge amount of focus, perseverance, and strength, so it will not be easy, at all. Once I get to college, and begin my higher education in Marine Science, I will get an internship at a Marine Science lab, or research center, an important way to get more experience, in my field.

The position I would eventually like to achieve, once I am through with college, is to work for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) as a Biological Scientist, or a Research Scientist.

This goal will take me several years, but it will be worth it, in the end. The steps I can take now, are to stay dedicated to my school classes, and to my sport, volleyball, in order to make good grades, and be of good skill, so that I can get a scholarship. I am very motivated, and so far, pretty dedicated as well. There will be times when it is very hard o focus, or concentrate, or to just have to the strength to get out of bed, but I know that I will make it, if I stay true to myself, and stay focused.