“The Best Pizza in the World” Composition 1 – Write a Essay in 15 minutes Challenge

In class yesterday, our Composition 1 Professor Mrs. Wells, had all of us write an essay in 15 minutes based off of the reading assignment she had given us from the previous class. Here is what I came up with. She only wanted a 4 paragraph essay. 



“The Best Pizza in the World” Essay

In “The Best Pizza in the World” by Elizabeth Gilbert, many sensory images are presented to describe how the location feels, smells, and sounds. By using sensory images, Gilbert is utilizing one of many descriptive tools available to writers. Sensory images are very important because they add depth and detail to the narrative.

In the fourth paragraph, Gilbert describes how crowded the alleyways between the buildings are, and how noisy the children are playing in the streets all over the city. This is important because it adds personality, closeness and safety to the scene. This scene impacted me because I have been to similar places, so I felt a sense of familiarity with the juxtaposition.

The second most important sensory image for me was when Gilbert describes the pizzeria, Pizzeria de Michele. She states that there are only 2 rooms and a continually cooking oven. When reading this, you almost feel like you are there in the pizzeria, waiting for your pizza. The smell of the pizza baking can almost be smelt and the sounds almost heard, as you are reading the passage. I think that is the precise purpose of her very detailed description here.

As you can see, sensory images in writing are vital. This narrative is a prime example of that fact. Sensory images add depth, detail, familiarity for the audience, and personality to the piece. In this case, the sensory images presented substantiate the point of the narrative, which is pizza is truly the best food in the world. Especially if it’s from Naples!

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