The end of the world, as I knew it

It has been exactly nine months since I have done anything with this here blog, not good. I am very sorry that I so abruptly left y’all hanging (yes I actually do have a social life) but you will not be left hanging for too much longer!

Before I started typing this post up,  I went back and read a lot of my old posts. I have changed quite a bit, not just in how I write, and think, and feel about many things, but also the way I look! Well, a little. I’m not any taller, but looking back on some of the old pics I have on here, my face has changed considerably!

I am no longer going to use this blog as my replacement for social media, because A) that was getting awkward and old, and B) I now have social media, so it’s unnecessary. At some point, when I am not so immersed in school, I would like to do some really blog worthy things with this blog, like I don’t know, maybe something fashion blogish or something, but I’m not quite sure yet.

Very soon (read: in the next week or so, life allowing), I am going to write a whole catch up post, so y’all will know what has been going on since we last talked. Believe me, it’s been a lot. I have to clean off all the cobwebs and give this blog a nice dusting, and probably an updated look. But for now, I’m just writing this to tell you, I’m still alive!

“In the end we will remember, not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” – Martin Luther King Jr. 

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