31 Random Facts About Me #31

Random Fact #31: Very timely, how this one, I have absolutely nothing else to put here, about me, that is random LOL! Okay so here’s what we’ll do, Pick a really random question for me and post it in the comments, and I will answer it.

Random Fact #31: I have eaten a grasshopper, and it was not because I was dared to.

Happy Birthday to myself!!! can’t believe I am 16.

31 Random Facts About Me #28

Random Fact #28: I used to absolutely hate swimming. My Dad was not the most patient swimming teacher, and as a result I dreaded going to the beach. Every time we would go to the beach, he would take me out to the water and make me swim and if I messed up, well let’s not go there.  Let’s just say it wasn’t the happiest time for me. So that explains why I hated swimming when I was little.

Once I began swimming on my own, I was fin, and I even considered, for a little while, maybe pursuing the local swim team. But I’m not really a very strong swimmer, and I don’t love swimming as much as I love Volleyball.

31 Random Facts About Me #27

Random Fact #27: My good friend Ellie Mae William’s 15th birthday is today!!! Happy Birthday girl! I Really really really REALLY miss you and your whole fam, and I hope we can get together sometime soon!

Ellie is just one of the like at least 3 dozen friends I have that live out of state.  She lives in north Tennessee, and we haven’t seen each other in like 4 years.

31 Random Facts About Me #24, #25 & #26

Random Fact #24: I have never attended a public school a day in my life. But I would love to finish High School in a regular High School. I’m pretty sure my parents would NEVER let me.

Random Fact #25: I have always wanted to graduate at the age of 16. Ha! LOL That is so not happening.

Random Fact #26: My dream wedding is one of two things. A barn wedding, anywhere, with a really rustic, country feel. Or, a beach wedding, with a really rustic nautical theme in Nantucket, Massachusetts.  Okay that was really random. LOL

31 Random Facts About Me #21, and #22

Random Fact #21: No matter how not girly girl I am, I will always love getting a new bottle of nail polish. I AM NOT A GIRLY GIRL. I will never be one, and never was. But, I still like painting my nails and getting new colors lol. I bet I know why. It’s like when I was little I loved coloring, like that was my favorite thing to do, and I still like coloring, but now I don’t color in coloring books and on paper, I have moved on to “big girl” coloring. I “color” my nails! lol

Random Fact #22: Volleyball is my passion. Spandex is my Fashion.

31 Random Facts About Me #19

Random Fact #19: I am so obsessed with two songs right now. The first is called “Classic”  by MKTO, the second is called Lovin’ So Hard”  by Becky G. Check em out, I will put them here at the bottom. For those of you who are wondering what I do when I am obsessed with a song, here is what that means. Basically this just means that I am listening to that or those songs like over and over and over again, until a I either drive my family nuts with it, or I just get sick of it. Then those songs go on my playlists and the get played every once in a while.

Peace y’all



31 Random Facts About Me #18

Random Fact #18: I have only seen snow twice. Having been born and raised in Florida all my life, despite all the traveling we do, I have only seen snow twice. Once when I was like 1 and 1/2 and then when I was 10 I think.

The second time I actually went sledding with a bunch of friends of mine, and it was so awesome. Most Fun I have ever had. Now I want to go out to Colorado sometime and go snowboarding so bad. We have several friends who live in Colorado, and other snow getting states, so yea.

Two weeks till my big day!!! So can’t wait! 😛