A night to remember

Last night, was the most memorable volleyball game I have ever played.

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First I will start with what came to me last night, as I did my best to go to sleep, to no avail, even though I was dead tired. Attitude is Altitude. “Wow Sunny that is sooo profund!” LOL Yes I know, but I promise I did not make that up, I once heard it said by a very wise person, in my life, who is no longer with us. And that is exactly what we learned, as a team last night.

The minute I stepped on to that court, I was on fire. There really are no words to describe how I feel mentally and physically, when I play volleyball. But what I can say is that the moment I stepped on to that court, there were no cheering parents, there were no screaming coaches, and there was no pain in my leg(long story, I will explain that one later), all there was me, five other girls from my team, and the other team in front of me. I was in a completely different world. I blocked out all other sounds, everything else, just me, the girls, and the net. And of course the ball bouncing from person to person, and hitting the floor.

After coach gave us his pre-game pep rally, and we did a few cheers, we warmed up, for 30 minutes, which included running 4 laps around the basketball court, stretching, and a few pre-game drills. Then we sang the national anthem, saluted the flag, said a prayer and started the game formalities. Coach D announced all of us over the PA system, by name and number, and then we wished the other team good luck.

Our first set (Sorry for those of you who don’t know volleyball, I am not going to explain the scoring/game system right now) we lost by like literally 5 points. We came so close. The second set, we made a huge come back. Right out the gate, we had a 3 point lead, which believe me is really close for volleyball. We held that lead, for the whole set, and won. That put both teams tied up, so we play a third set, to 15 points. Once again, we held the lead, at 11 – 2, then we lost it, and the other team gained 7 points, bringing it up to 11 – 9. From there we won the last 4 points, and won the third set.

There is no sound I love more, than the sound of a whole team of girls, plus all the parents and the whole school in the stands, stopping their feet, and screaming as loud as possible, when a game is won. Last night, we really came together like a team. We didn’t get discouraged in the first set. We held our heads high. We played our best. But we did not exude pride and arrogance, as I have seen so many opposing teams do. That has got to be the worst, yet most effective strategy I have ever played against. Believe me, it’s hard to play against that.

As a team, we always make it a point, (no pun intended) to not pray, that our team would win, but to pray that the best team would win (we sorta think that we are the best, but that is still debatable) whether it be our team, or the opposing team. If we are not the best team, we don’t deserve to win, if we are the best, then we do.

In conclusion, I just am amazed at how well we did last night. I mean we haven’t even played that well or that hard, in practice! I guess it just goes to show how much we were on fire last night, and how much, like I said, attitude effects everything. I have never played a game like I did last night. I truly am blessed to be apart of such a great team, we really have some awesome girls. I woke up this morning, ready to play again. Play like it is my last game.

As we always say, Work Hard, Play Harder!!!! GO EAGLES!!!!!

Dancers Unite!

“Dance! All you dancers be encouraged! You prophecy with every move you make. Every time your foot touches the ground when you dance you stomp the head of the enemy into the dust! Powerful :)”   – The Encouragemnet Express

Dancers Unite! Everyone one who has even the slightest urge to dance, whenever music comes on, just let it go! Ignore those pesky thoughts, about what people might think of you, and just let it out! You never know, someone might be profoundly touched by your expression. “Let it go! Let it go! Can’t hold it back anymore!” 😛 Yea, Frozen had it right 😛

Take a moment to have a good laugh

Every once in a while we all need to have a good laugh. I for one, seem to laugh at myself, and my sisters a lot. But every once in a while I will happen upon a few things, quotes, pictures and other stuff that will just make me totally crack up. Tell me how you can’t have a good day after spending at least 10 minutes laughing, so hard. Trust me, it’s impossible. So I’m going to take a few minutes to compile a few things that have really made me laugh this morning. All credit goes to my Best Friend, Violet, for this one. She found all these first, I stole them from her. But hey, they were really funny. Thanks Vi 😛

Hope y’all enjoy this post.

Disclaimer: Anyone who reads this post, runs the serious risk of adding at least 10 extra minutes to their life span, by laughing. So, don’t say I didn’t tell you.

Laugh more, Live longer! To life! Le Chaim! Mazel Tov!

Don’t Lie, you just tried out all the accents!

Couldn’t help but laugh 😛

So True! Welcome to my world!

Been There, Done That

Hmmmm, sounds so familiar! Most of the time, it’s, “It was your idea, you ask”. Says my sisters always.

Yup! Totally!

LOL, Yes, we all do this, admit it 😛

Peace Y’all 🙂


Think on These Things

The following is an article by a fellow blogger that I totally agree with! It basically says everything I’ve wanted to say in a way i never would have thought of saying it.  All credit goes to Caitlin, who wrote this, and this is a link to her blog, go ahead, and check it out! Daughter of Destiny

By the way this is a continuation of the rant I started with the following post: Romantic Novels, are they really worth our time?

Think on these things

I’d like to address an issue, that I feel like has been laid upon my heart, in which I believe is crucial, in this day and age.

Movies… now before any of you exit out of this post, or un-follow me, I’d like you to hear me out.

Our family has set standards as us kids have gotten older. Yes, I’m almost 22, and yes, I’m allowed to choose which movies I watch, and yes, I’ve made some mistakes, and watched movies that I shouldn’t have seen. Sometimes, those images stay in our head, and convince our minds that it’s okay.

What bothers me, is when people go to midnight showings and watch movies that they KNOW will have “Sensual Scenes” or “F-bombs”, they say, “It’s okay, it doesn’t bother me.” or “I just ignore it.”

To be honest… you can’t just ignore it. We slowly give way to accepting what our culture watches.

At first, we may fast forward the “kissing scene…” maybe the next time, “we watch just a little bit of it”… slowly, we accept the fact, that kissing scene’s are in every movie we watch, and we little by little become okay with it.

What once was a sin to see… still is… but, we accept it now. We justify our sin. We think that we won’t be “cool”, if we don’t see the movie.

Can I ask a question?… how many of you look at reviews for movies? How many of you see what the review says, but still go anyway? You see that the movie has a couple “scenes”, but…really? Just ignore it? I’ve talked with a lot of people on this subject, and they say, “it’s realistic when they do that…” it doesn’t matter if it’s realistic or not… it’s NOT okay. We can’t justify it!!! Adam and Eve didn’t have the kind of language we have today… they didn’t call people the “S” word, or the “D” word! They might have gotten mad at each other, but…really?

You guys (gals), this is a spiritual battle! We see it everywhere today! And little by little, we’ve compromised! Little by little, we let things “slide” so to speak. It doesn’t bother you to see a man and woman getting naked in front of a T.V. screen? … it should! The Bible tells us in

Hebrews 13:4 

“Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.”

Even if you turn your head for 5 seconds… once you’ve seen, it can destroy you! And when you go to a movie, the director’s don’t know that you “turned” your head… they think you support that movie. They don’t know if you fast-forward scenes, or use “Clear-Play” to watch movies… although it’s much safer to do that. You still support the movie. I’m not perfect! I do it too! However, I try to hard to remind myself of what Philippians 4:8, “Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy-mediate on these things.”

Is going to see “____”, (fill in the blank) any of these things? If not, pray and ask God for guidance. You might have grown up in a family, where it’s okay to watch whatever movie you’d like. You might have grown up in a family that would only let you watch a couple movies or no movies at all, and now you let things slide. Whatever the case may be… I ask that you PLEASE protect your mind, soul, and heart! Don’t let this world steal your mind and thoughts. I’d recommend looking at:  http://www.pluggedin.com/ for a movie review. And please, don’t take me wrong… watching movies can be great and fun! … but in the end, are thoughts in your mind that shouldn’t be?! Forgive me if I’ve overstepped by boundaries. But this is one thing, I can’t let go by anymore. Thank you all, and may you be blessed! 🙂

~ Caitlin Baughman

Take this weight off my back!

I have been able to relate to this so many times in my past, and just thought I would would share this with y’all since it was very encouraging for me.

Dancing With Fireflies

10408085_471450286319697_2051635264467343191_nIt was once so heavy, this boulder of emotions that I carried around on my back.  I allowed it to grow bigger and bigger as I added parts of my life that were dark and horrible to feed this creation of mine.  I carried it with me everywhere I went. Fear kept me from ever leaving home without it.  It didn’t take long before I was weakened by the load. But I refused to let it go, I grew dependent on that weight. so tired at points from moving his heavy stone from place to place in my life, that I often felt so weighted down that I didn’t leave my house, didn’t grow and enjoy life as I should have been allowed to.  I not only hated this boulder and loathed the life that it gave me, but I also began to have a relationship with it.  I named it…

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