House Hunting and my current heartbreak

We have been house hunting now, for a few weeks. It’s the normal, you know “Oh wow I like that that house” “Sorry to far out of our price range” or “Wow here’s a house we can afford!” “Not enough bedrooms, and we don’t want a condo” . . . . . . .and that is how it goes most of the time. Either the house is too good to be true, because it is, or it is just a little too perfectly out of reach.

We were set on one house, that unfortunately, got rented out from under us. At least that’s how we feel about to it. We were so set on it, and than we were about half of the 3 hour drive down to it, so all of us children could see it, when we called the owner to make sure he remembered we were coming, only to be told that that house has been rented already. Literally we were like an hour from the house, about 2 or so hours into the trip from our current abode, when this happened. We had to turn right around and head home. We had a few very upset people in the car that day.

Not only were we like most of the way down there, we were also mentally and emotionally there. We had already discussed sleeping arrangements and what we were going to be about furniture and all that stuff. And to seal that deal, we had stopped looking for houses after that.

So we have to move on.

Yesterday we signed all the necessary documents, for the closing on this house. We are officially no longer the owners of this house, and property! It’s both bittersweet and overly joyful for me. I am going to miss being here in Orange Park, so much. I will miss, all of my friends here, every single one, y’all know who you are, and I will miss you all so much, I will NEVER forget y’all, and Thank you for being the amazing friends you will always be to me. I will miss the country, layed back vibe, and mood, the close small town, yet still suburban feel, all the things that make Orange Park, home to my very soul. I swear I could drive around O.P. completely blind and still get exactly where I want to go. Don’t worry Orange Park, you will always have a piece of my heart here and I promise I won’t be gone for long. I am planning on coming back here, as soon as I turn 18. Trust me, my Orange Park, that 2 years isn’t very long, I will be back! πŸ™‚

Having lived here in Orange Park, for a significant amount part of my life and at a significant time in my life, Orange Park has become a part of me. I have become a country girl, living here. I have grown up here, and have embraced a lot of the, I guess you could say culture around here. I dress like a country girlΒ for the most part. Here you aren’t a “cool girl” unless you wear boots, a t-shirt, Miss Me jeans, and a baseball cap with a shiny fish hook on the bill, to the grocery store. Sure we country girls can and do sometimes do EVERYTHING in a skirt, but when we are just wanting to show off in Wal-Mart a little bit, that ^ is what we wear.

Much to the dismay of my Mom, I have picked a little bit of the accent from around here, and though I can turn it off, I can still pull of the southern accent pretty well without it sounding too forced. I have become an avid fan and follower of country music and country music artists. I don’t hang out with really preppy, prissy or city girls around here, so I don’t have much in common with those types of girls. I have been to the mall enough times to count on one hand, seriously, around here the girls don’t really hang out at the mall, you will find more girls hanging out at the high school football and volleyball games, or at the local Saddle club (my personal fav place to hang with my friends) than you will at the mall looking through racks of clothes. I mean to be honest, I would rather take a bunch of my friends out with a few four wheelers and dirt bikes, out to the nearest woods and go trail riding through the woods, then go hang out at the movies ANY DAY!

Here for the past almost 10 years, whenever I want, I have been able to go out into the yard, barefoot. Feel the cold dirt on my feet and between my toes. When it rains, I go out and feel the wet muddy-ish dirt on my feet. When I really just need to release a little bit of tension and stress, I just go outside barefooted and walk through the woods behind our house, and sing a little, it’s the best tension reliever. I have had the privilege, here to be able to have plenty of room to roam, here on our 2 acres, and not be trapped by endless pavement as far as the eye can see, or any houses right on top of us.

For the past few years, I have been sort of finding myself. Discovering who I am, and who I want to be as a person. Establishing my own style. I am not a cookie cutter Curtis (my Dad) or a carbon copy of Lupita (my Mom). I am really not even a perfect combination of both my Mom and Dad. I am Carolina Sunshine. I have my own opinions and Β views of life. I am my own person, doing the things I like, and pursuing my dreams. And in all of this I have realized that as much as I kind of hate to say it, Orange Park, has become a big part of me and my personality.

Like I was telling my parents yesterday, at this point in my life, granted I do not claim to know a lot of anything, but I have reached a point, where I dress, talk, act, like, do, the things I want, hang out with the kinds of friends I want, and listen the kind of music I want, and I really, aside from my parents, I don’t really care what other people think of my, or judge me as, just by looking at me. People can judge me by my cover all they want, but it won’t change who I am, it won’t change my view of things, it won’t make me feel worth more, or worthless, this is who I am and this is all you get. I am nobody that I am not. With only one exception, maybe, I am not going to start acting like you or doing the things you do, just so you will like me.

On the brighter side. . . . . . .

I hope that by moving I will be able to make even more friends, that will always be there for me. I hope that where we move I will be able to further my dream of getting a volleyball scholarship to college. I hope that I will become a better person, than I am now, because no matter what I do, and where I go, I am never going to be the best that I can be. I will always strive to be a better daughter, sister, friend, and trust me, I have a LONG way to go.

This year will be so big for me. I will be turning 16 in exactly 1 month and 6 days. I will be dual enrolling at the local community college this summer. I hope to get on a High School volleyball team this August. And yes of course we are now moving.Β I hopefully am maturing, mentally.

Well enough with the rambling, just had to let out a few feeling that I am feeling right now.

Oh by the way, Next Saturday, I will be running a 5k. I am pretty excited, because I really enjoy running, and it is good exercise. I will be training all this week, so I will be pretty busy.

I hope y’all have a really fun and awesome weekend!


~Sunshine πŸ˜› ❀

17 years and counting. . . . . . .

Tomorrow is my parents 17th anniversary. 17 years ago, on the 19th of April, my parents got married, in Guayaquil, Ecuador, in my Abuelita’s living room (yes, I’m serious). I was born about 13 months later. Every year, since about 4 or 5 yrs ago, my siblings and I have tried to do something special for their anniversary, and we are always at a loss for ideas. Most every year we do breakfast in bed, but the gifts vary from year to year. One year, on their 15th, I bought them a new set of stemmed wine glasses, we made them a new table cloth, and we made them a cake. One year we made them tie die shirts, and this year we made shirts yet again. Though they are a little different this time. We also made our best breakfast in bed ever. For the breakfast in bed, we made crepes stuffed (litereally) with homemade whipped cream, and fruit, drizzled with homemade chocolate sauce. I must say, the end product, that had never been made by any of us ever before, did come out quite good, and looked AMZING!!! LOL. My sister, our parents and even I were very impressed with how it came out. For the crepes I did use a recipe, because from what I have heard they are very deicate, but for the chocolate sauce, I did not use a recipe. For the fruit part, we used a combo of chopped strawberries, mango, and blueberries. The whipped c ream, was as usual very easy, all we did differently was we added a little bit of blue berry juice to the cream prior to whipping it, just to add a little color and flavor. It was garnished with a mint leaf. My siblings and I got to eat the leftover crepes and chocolate sauce, and it was very delicious LOL πŸ˜›

Well I better get a get out of here. Right now we are heading out to our Congregation of Worship and Bible study, just waiting for Mom to get dressed, (gosh she takes FOREVER!! LOL). And we have to pick up my BFF, Violet and her little sis, Natalia, on the way. I can’t wait to see her!!! LOL I will talk to you all later! πŸ˜› Have an AWESOME weekend y’all.

Oh, just wanted to add, that tomorrow, we are driving down to Coco beach area, so that my siblings and can see the house we will be renting, within the next couple of weeks. My parents have already seen it, but all of us children have not. Our moving date draws near. Not terribly excited, but it’s whatever.


~Sunshine πŸ™‚ ❀

April 2015, update

Okay, wait a second, where did four months go?! I mean just yesterday I woke up and it was the first of January, right?!Okay enough missing lost time. Right now, I am going to just update y’all on everything that has been going on these past few months. I will be going off a few of my journal entries for this post lol πŸ™‚



  • In January, Violet and I celebrated our first year of being Best Friends.
  • I hit 107 lbs. lol
  • Maggie, my lil sis, #4, Turned 10. Can’t believe how fast she is growing up
  • I passed my boating license exams.
  • My Uncle Cornell, on My Mom’s side, Got married in Arizona, unfortunately we were not able to make it out there for his wedding.
  • I apparently decided that when I get married, I want to be proposed to on the beach at the end of Atlantic blvd. , in Atlantic Beach fl. Oh and I want it to be a surprise, because I love surprises. LOL That one was a bit random πŸ˜› I don’t know Why y’all need this info, but it might come in handy somewhere down the road, so I guess I’ll just leave it here. LOL
  • One of my really good friends, Samuel Cook (Sam) turned 17, on the 17th of January. Happy Birthday Sam, luv ya. πŸ˜€
  • I lost a necklace that my Best Friend Violet gave me, at the park. I stressed over it, for a long time till found it, because she gave me that necklace, and we both have matching necklaces, and I really did Β not want to lose that necklace. Besides I kinda knew she would never let me forget it, if I did lose it lol She awesome like that. After a few days of my acquired Nancy Drew skills, and searching the park, very thoroughly, I finally found it. I was so happily relived.
  • School, School, and more school! Oh the life of a High School Sophomore LOL πŸ™‚
  • On January 23 and 24 we attended a small conference held at the Congregation we attend, in Lake City Florida. This year, during the conference, there was a music and song writing workshop for all the youth in attendance. My siblings and I attended the workshop. It was a lot of fun. Some of the kids wrote songs, and others sang. At the end of the day, we all put on a concert for all the adults, about 150 in total. I sang a few songs and even soloed in a few songs also. One thing that really impacted me about that workshop was that, I don’t like performing, I never have. Especially singing in front of people, it’s just something I don’t do. One reason being, I get extremely nervous and shy. It’s not because I think I sound bad, I actually think I have a rather decent singing voice, and I love to sing. Anyway, so I was asked to sing. I have been trying to break my really bad habit of shyness for about almost a year now, and I have come a very long way. I used to not talk to people I didn’t know, and it used to take me forever to warm up to people, even family that I have not seen in a very long time. So when I was asked to sing, I sorta freaked out, but I accepted the invitation, anyway. Before the concert I was so nervous, almost to the point of crying, I was so afraid I would crack, or mess up somehow, and humiliate myself. Once I got up on stage, I did rather well, I found that closing my eyes as I sang and just pretending I was holding a hair brush in my room, helped me to calm my nerves a lot. I did really well, and I was so proud of myself, and I felt so accomplished. I got so many compliments from several of the people in attendance as well, which helped boost my confidence an little bit. All in all, I over came my fear and shyness of Microphones and singing in front of people. Now, one thing I would totally love to do, is to enter a singing competition like “The Voice” or “America’s Got Talent” one day, might happen, but probably won’t. Just a random aspiration of mine. πŸ™‚ Oh and I would also like to acknowledge and applaud my very Best Friend, Violet, who had the nerves of steel, to get up and sing and play, on electric guitar, a song she wrote for the entire audience, for the very first time. I can’t stress how proud of her, she made me and all her friends and family.
  • Right after the conference, we were privileged to be visited by some old friends of my Dad’s, Bob and Sandy Niles. We hung out with them and had a lot of fun on the beach. Bob(we call him Uncle Bob), was so generous to buy all four of my siblings and I Kindle readers! So Thank You Uncle Bob and Aunt Sandy for the Kindles, we use them ALL. THE. TIME. πŸ™‚


  • Had the Stomach virus, that is everyone but me. TMI I’m sure lol
  • Finished Biology 1, with an overall B+ (or A, not sure)
  • Sorted out my school schedule. I have a plan of action that I am following I will officially graduate May 2017. Can’t wait!!! I have also narrowed my college choices down to 3, and now I’m am just going to tour all three, and apply for all three when the time comes and we’ll see what happens. I know what I am going to major in, so that’s out of the way LOL πŸ™‚
  • Β We went to an archaeological dig here in St. Augustine. It was really cool, to see them excavating and digging all this ancient pottery and stuff up. So awesome! We took some friends with us too, so that was really fun. Probably the most fun I had, had in a very long time. On our way home, we were laughing and joking and oh my gosh it was just so awesome. I actually had a cramp and no voice after that.
  • On the 15th, of February, we drove about 60 miles west of here, to the town of Oulstee Florida. Every year in Olustee, the city holds a reenactment of the major civil war battle that took place there. It is a three day long festival, complete with a parade, the reenactment, a ball, tea parties in period clothing and the whole sha-bang. We have wanted to go, all these years that we have lived here, in O.P., but the same weekend that it is held, the International Boat Show, that we have worked at all these years, in Miami is also held. So we have not ever gotten to go, until this year. We were so excited. We all got dressed up, in our civil war period clothes, we actually came pretty close with some of our dresses, and headed out to the Battle. It was a lot of fun. We ran into a few of my friends, Sam and Rose, and hung out with them, so that added to the festivities also. Allie had a blast, seeing all those ladies dressed up, with their hoop skirts, and petticoats and beautiful dresses. So much fun did she have, that she came home, and finally purchased her first hoop skirt, and also got started on making her very first Civil war period Ball gown. I’m still trying to talk her into wearing it when she goes to prom, whenever that happens, she seems to think some one will take her next year LOL. Good luck with that Allie πŸ˜› There were SOOOOOO many people there it was a bit insane. But it is a major event ever February, and people from as many as four hours away come to Oulstee just for that weekend.
  • The day before Valentine’s Day, a friend of mine, by the name of Harley, asked me to go to prom with him. I of course said yes, after a lot of talking to my Dad about it. I will admit to this day, Dad still isn’t thrilled about this whole prom thing. But hey, he’s going to have to get used to it, being that he has 4 beautiful daughters, and we are all going to go through those wonderful Teenage/High school years. LOL I was literally bouncing off the ceiling with glee, and pure shock and happiness after Harley asked me to go with him. I have always looked forward to the day I would be asked to go to prom, and so yea. In the days that followed, I had to buy a dress, and make up, jewelry, shoes and that stuff for prom, so all in all, it was a lot of fun, not just on prom night but getting to spend all that time with Mom shopping and primping and stuff. LOL

Photos from the Oulstee reenactment:


  • Bought My Prom Dress, and went to prom on the 20th. Please see Prom Pics posts for all that good stuff about prom! πŸ˜›
  • Papa took all of My sisters and I to a Daddy Daughter dance. That was fun, and interesting at the same time. Picture this: One Dad, four Daughters. You get the picture πŸ™‚
  • My Best Friend, Violet Lindo turned 16 on the 18th of March. Happy Birthday Gurl! U R Awesome! πŸ˜› For more good stuff on that please see Violet’s birthday post. I still believe that she is 16. We met when we were both 14 and since then we have been like peanut Butter and jelly: Inseparable.
  • Drove down to Abuelita’s house, for 5 days. While were there, we stayed with Abuelita while Mom and dad went on a 36 hour cruise to the Bahamas. The cruise was a surprise for Mom. They cam back smiling, exhausted and peeling with sunburn. I say they had a good time! πŸ™‚ We had just as much fun with Abuelita. She took us to a bird sanctuary for like a little field trip, then we went to this really awesome Jewish restaurant called Ben’s for lunch. We had the most delicious Matzah Ball soup you could ever ask for. Highly recommended. My siblings and I were not on vacation during that trip, so we had to do all of our regular school stuff. We also did some crafts and stuff with Abuelita, a common practice whenever she babysits us, and our parents go out of town.
  • Our House’s short sale has been approved. So we have to be moved out of here by the 24th of April.


  • April 2nd, Papa took all of us children and Harley out to the fantastic Clay County Agricultural Fair! It had been a long time since we had been out to the Ag fair, and the best part was it was the first day! So we all got in for 2$ a person, ALL the rides were completely FREE for the first hour, and the after the first hour, there were all 2$ each, a huge discount from the regular 8$ per person entrance fee, and then the 18$ arm band per person for all the rides. We all had so much fun on the rides and walking around the fair. We saw a few shows, such as a Magic show, a Frisbee Dog show, and the pig races. The last one was pretty funny to watch LOL.

THEY ARE FINALLY HERE. . . . . . Prom Party Pics!!!!

Yay!! Finally got the pics from the prom and now I am posting them here for you all, my wonderful followers! I hope y’all enjoy them as much as i did. I love pics from really fun events that I have the privilege of going to, because they helps me remember how much fun I had, and that way I can kinda feel the magic over and over again, instead of just once lol πŸ™‚

**Side Note: We took some more pics in the photo booth, but for some reason they didn’t come out, so we were not able to obtain them.

Here we go! πŸ˜›

Have an awesome weekend y’all! πŸ™‚


~Sunshine πŸ™‚ ❀

Homeschool Prom 2015

Okay, so as I promised, I am now finally posting the pics from my pre-prom photo shoot. I was going to wait till I received the pics from the photographer that was at prom, to post all the pics together. But, I still have not received the pics from the prom yet, so I will just post those when I receive them πŸ™‚ Enjoy πŸ™‚

2014 : A Year Come and Gone

Wow, still in shock over the year 2014 being gone so fast! It just hasn’t hit me yet that the year is officially over! I mena, really?! Today dosen’t feel any different than yesterday, but today is “January 1st, 2015″ and yesterday was ” December 31st, 2014″.

My life has changed considerablly in the past year. And on top of all these feelings, I still can’t believe that I will be turing 16 this year! I mean who would Β have thought?! Like seriously, what happened to that little, big cheeked, chatter box, adorable little girl I used to be?! She’s grown up so fast! Pretty soon that little, adorable, chatter box, girl will be driving, and getting her first job, finishing high school, and going to college. And now she is that “sweet little, beautiful, wonderful, perfect All-American Girl!” πŸ™‚ Okay, maybe I won’t go that far, but you catch my drift πŸ˜›

I made a rough list of “firsts” that came this year (2014) and I think I will go ahead and type it out here.

  • Got my ears pierced
  • Started painting my nails (Don’t laugh, yes, it took that long to “wear down” my Dad)
  • Became addicted to country music
  • Texted for at least 25 hours (accumilitive, rough estimate)
  • Got my first pair of Hollister jeans (!)
  • Went tubing for the first time
  • Played my first season of volleyball, and reignited my addiction or aka Volleyball fever
  • Started my blog ?(finally !)
  • Made a few new friends
  • Turned 15 (Okay now that one, is only a one time thing. Love it while it’s here LOL πŸ˜› )
  • Became a better singer and photographer
  • Learned how to play the piano
  • Went to Legoland
  • Went to my first square dance
  • Made a B I Algebra (Can’t say I’m thrilled about that, but whatever)
  • Went to my first High school football game

I have a few more things I could add to that list, but I just can’t think of them now, so I will leave y’all with this:

Please give it up for Maddie and Tae, whose song, “Girl in a Country Song” was thie first girl duet Country song to ever hit the charts period, and it actually made #1 on the charts for a whole week! I present to you, my new favorite song πŸ˜›

A Decade and a Half of Sunshine

Okay, so yes, my fantastic birthday was this Saturday. I turned the iconic 15 years old! This is one of the birthdays I’ve waited for ever since I was very young, and to think, now I am finally here! Turning 15, has it’s pros and cons, for one, I am almost and adult, meaning I’m am supposed to start acting more mature. That is both good and bad, for me. I remember ever since I was very little I have wanted to “grow up”, but I don’t think that I ever considered that “growing up”, has it’s requirements and expectations, that childhood does not have. Never the less, I still wanted to grow up! I carried a purse around at a young age, 8 or 9, and I acted and dressed way out of my age range. Then around 11 or 12, having acted not like most kids my age for quite a while, I found myself not being excepted into circles of kids that were my age. It was as if, I was just acting too grown up. So therefore I feel I was set back in that way, sub-consciously. Now, for me, along with turning fifteen came this very strangely unexpected feeling of, A) not wanting to grow up, and B) looking back and realizing all those missed kid opportunities simply because, I was “too grown up for that”. It’s just something about turning 15 that just, like, puts these thoughts into you. So this time around the block, I would like to make a resolve. I will try to take every opportunity I get to be young, and just be young until I can’t do it any more! There is just no use in acting so up tight and missing all these wonderful opportunities! Now don’t get me wrong, i’m not going to just start acting like a 10 yr old just because I want to act young, that’s not what I’m saying, I just going to be as mature as possible without missing all those wonderful once in a life time memories. I would also like to chronicle some of my past memories here. I will start by posting a series of pictures of me through the years. Yes, I was a lot more cute back then! I will admit it =P

So here we go, some of my baby pics =) Oh wait before I get started on those baby pics, I would like to explain a little bit about my birth and infant-hood. I am the first of five children, borne of my awesome parents Curtis and Maggilu (Mama’s actual birth name is Lupe after her Mom, but when my parents met, Papa used to pick Mama these beautiful flowers called Frangipani, and he did not know the name of them, so he called them, magnolias, and therefore called my Mama, Maggnolia Lupita or MaggiLu). Here are a few pics of them before my birth.

Dad, on a Amazon Jungle that he and Mom took, trip a few months before my birth

Papa, on an Amazon Jungle that he and Mom took, trip a few months before my birth

Mom next to a tree of some kind, on a Amazon Jungle trip that she and Dad took a few months before my birth.

Mama next to a tree of some kind, on an Amazon Jungle trip that she and Dad took a few months before my birth.

So anyway, exactly 6 weeks before my birth, Mama was lying on the beach at the end of Espaniola way, in South Beach Miami, when she was run over by a Lifeguard in a Ford Bronco truck. (Papa at the time was at a job interview for a teaching position). Two tries went over her, fracturing her pelvic bone. MiraculouslyΒ nothing happened with me, and I was totally fine not a thing wrong with me. She was immediately rushed to the hospital and sent to the ER. After several X-rays, and test after test, the Doctors insisted on a Cesarean birth, even though nothing was wrong with me, and I did not need to be taken out yet. After much prayer and several “second opinions”, Papa came to the conclusion that no, we are not having a C-section but a natural birth, and only when I was ready. I don’t know exactly what the doctors thought, but I can imagine that they probably thought something like, Papa and Mama were “defying” the “experts” and were not making that right choice, even though it was their choice to make, not the doctor’s. Β The next thing the doctors told my parents, was that Mom would need surgery for her pelvic bone, or else “she would never walk again”. Once again Papa did a lot of research and prayer, and several second, third and even fourth opinions, before Papa came to yet another conclusion. He felt, and was told by a few other doctors, that Mama did not need to have surgery and with much care, and physical therapy she would eventually walk again without the “needed” surgery.

So, long story short, Mama and I are doing just great, She walks, of course, and I am fine, nothing wrong with either of us =) Praise YHVH(God)! Okay, so now for some pics of me when I was a baby, going on up into pics as I grow up =) Enjoy!

Actually before I put any pics here I would like to first dedicate this post to three people. First my Mama, who did all the work when I was born, and no I would not be here without her, or without my Papa. Thanks to all of his questioning of the Doctors, and “professionals”. I would most likely not be here, in Β the condition that I am today with out him and all his questioning. I would also like to dedicate this to my GranPop, who passed away, due to Gastrointestinal Cancer in August of 2008. Β He did not get the chance to meet my little cousin Chase, or my little bro, Noah, but they have both heard great things about him. He was always so encouraging to me, and really understood me well, I feel he would be very proud of who I am today. I miss him greatly .

This pic is right after i was born, so i guesstimate about three or four days to a week old

This pic is right after i was born, so i guesstimate about three or four days to a week old. Papa is the lifeguard on duty, in this pic.


(Left Pic) Grand Canyon in Background 15 months old (Right Pic) 18 months, with our boat in background

Two yrs old, with Mama, pregnant with my sis Allie, who was born about two weeks after this pic

Two yrs old, with Mama, pregnant with my sis Allie, who was born about two weeks after this pic


(Left Pic) 2 yrs old (Right Pic) 2 yrs old as well


(All Wedding Pics) 18 months old. I was only one of the three flower girls for Mama’s friend’s wedding.

archived_pics_sunny_12 (2)

(Top Pic) 18 months old washing GranPop’s car in Ecuador. (Bottom Pic) 3 yrs old


Almost 3 yrs old (Top Pic) At a friend of my Mama’s wedding. (Bottom Pic) In Martha’s Vineyard, Mass. with my parents.


DSC_0092 - Copy (2)

10 yrs old (i’m the one in the white shirt) in St. Mary’s GA, with all my sisters.


Almost 10 yrs old (I’m the one in the pink shirt) with a really good friend of mine, Grace.


I’m the one holding the baby, Noah, my lil bro, who was about a month or so old. I am 9 yrs old


11 yrs old, holding my lil cousin, Charlie Alexis Eyde.

DSCN8837 (2)

12 yrs old, with my sis Maggie.

archived_pics_sunny_13 (2)

Last Summer. 14 yrs old.


i think i am 10 yrs old here, not sure =) One of about 100 selfies I took when I first got my first camera.Β 

cummer_sunny_fore_allie_back (2)

14 yrs old. Taken 4-27-2014 Why on earth do i have that face on?!

IMAG0081 (2)

13 yrs old. Me and My awesome Papa =) I had just gotten my hair cut by my Aunt Kelly.


14 yrs old. Taken 4-27-2014


14 yrs old. Taken Mother’s Day, 2014. @ Wordcamp Miami


13 yrs old


12 yrs old, with my awesome Papa, on Atlantic Beach.

DSC_0490 (2)

13 yrs old, with a dear friend of mine, Charis Rechad Fournier, right after our Bat-Mitzvah.


11 yrs old, with my lil bro Noah. He had just started walking in this pic.

Sunny Tucker 2013 (2)

Last Summer. 14 yrs old, on our Mother -Daughter-Grandaughter trip.Β 


14 yrs old, with my awesome Mama, in Nantucket Mass.

Sunny-portrait-May-30-2013_800 (2)

14 yrs old, i had just gotten the camera i am holding, that day. This is actually a few days before my 14th b-day.


Both of these pics are at the same wedding of some pics at the top. 18 months old here.


Me and and two of my sisters. I am like 11 or 12 here. I’m in the white shirt.