My Mom is so Awesome!!!!!

I know this is a little late for Mother’s Day, but i did not have time yesterday, so i’m doing it now =P Enjoy! And i would love some feedback from anyone who is interested =) And Besides i love my Mom, any day o’ the year! =)

Five reasons why My Mom, is so awesome!

Reason number one:

1) If it were not for my Mom, I would not be here @ WordPress Camp Miami, therefore I would not have my own blog, yay!

2) Mom, is awesome because she is my Mom =P

3) My Mom is so awesome because, She is a awesome teacher! =) Yup i said that Mom =P

4) My Mom  is an awesome cook! Her best dishes include, Lentils and rice, yup she’s awesome at that, Fish, rice and Salsa, (My Fav!), and Pasta Primavera.

5) My Mom, is so super awesome, because she is a great Web designer, and Photographer! =)

Here is my Mom, Luv ya a ton Mom =)