Party Time!

Sad, but when Dad is out of town, it’s party time!!! 😛 Dad took a load of furniture down to our new house yesterday, and part of the plan was for him to stay the night down there, and come back sometime today. He took Faith and Maggie, my two little sisters, with him. So Mom, Allie, Noah, and I partied last night!!! LOL Sorta. Noah went to bed around 9 ish, and then Allie and I watched “Pride and Prejudice”. It was so awesome!! Wow, that was a really good movie. I had never seen it before, and I cried, it was just sooooooo good LOL. I will warn those of those y’all who have never seen it, it is a bit romantic, but in a good way. Allie and I didn’t go to sleep till like 1 am.