A night to remember

Last night, was the most memorable volleyball game I have ever played.

Image result for attitude is everything volleyballImage result for attitude is everything volleyball

First I will start with what came to me last night, as I did my best to go to sleep, to no avail, even though I was dead tired. Attitude is Altitude. “Wow Sunny that is sooo profund!” LOL Yes I know, but I promise I did not make that up, I once heard it said by a very wise person, in my life, who is no longer with us. And that is exactly what we learned, as a team last night.

The minute I stepped on to that court, I was on fire. There really are no words to describe how I feel mentally and physically, when I play volleyball. But what I can say is that the moment I stepped on to that court, there were no cheering parents, there were no screaming coaches, and there was no pain in my leg(long story, I will explain that one later), all there was me, five other girls from my team, and the other team in front of me. I was in a completely different world. I blocked out all other sounds, everything else, just me, the girls, and the net. And of course the ball bouncing from person to person, and hitting the floor.

After coach gave us his pre-game pep rally, and we did a few cheers, we warmed up, for 30 minutes, which included running 4 laps around the basketball court, stretching, and a few pre-game drills. Then we sang the national anthem, saluted the flag, said a prayer and started the game formalities. Coach D announced all of us over the PA system, by name and number, and then we wished the other team good luck.

Our first set (Sorry for those of you who don’t know volleyball, I am not going to explain the scoring/game system right now) we lost by like literally 5 points. We came so close. The second set, we made a huge come back. Right out the gate, we had a 3 point lead, which believe me is really close for volleyball. We held that lead, for the whole set, and won. That put both teams tied up, so we play a third set, to 15 points. Once again, we held the lead, at 11 – 2, then we lost it, and the other team gained 7 points, bringing it up to 11 – 9. From there we won the last 4 points, and won the third set.

There is no sound I love more, than the sound of a whole team of girls, plus all the parents and the whole school in the stands, stopping their feet, and screaming as loud as possible, when a game is won. Last night, we really came together like a team. We didn’t get discouraged in the first set. We held our heads high. We played our best. But we did not exude pride and arrogance, as I have seen so many opposing teams do. That has got to be the worst, yet most effective strategy I have ever played against. Believe me, it’s hard to play against that.

As a team, we always make it a point, (no pun intended) to not pray, that our team would win, but to pray that the best team would win (we sorta think that we are the best, but that is still debatable) whether it be our team, or the opposing team. If we are not the best team, we don’t deserve to win, if we are the best, then we do.

In conclusion, I just am amazed at how well we did last night. I mean we haven’t even played that well or that hard, in practice! I guess it just goes to show how much we were on fire last night, and how much, like I said, attitude effects everything. I have never played a game like I did last night. I truly am blessed to be apart of such a great team, we really have some awesome girls. I woke up this morning, ready to play again. Play like it is my last game.

As we always say, Work Hard, Play Harder!!!! GO EAGLES!!!!!

Family Reunion ish. . . . . .

So yesterday was sooooooo busy and really pretty crazy to be honest.

Allie and I had volleyball practice @ 3:45, and then from there we drove back home, and picked up the rest of the fam, and drove and hour and a half over to the Orlando area to eat dinner with a bunch of friends we hadn’t seen in a while. I was all sparkly(FYI Girls don’t sweat, we sparkle), and stinky from practice. Allie, was smart enough to actually take a shower @ the gym, while I made a dumb excuse not to take one, and paid for it in the end. UGH!!!! Anyway, the rest of the night was sooooo much fun.

We ate dinner @ Sweet Tomatoes, pretty much our favorite restaurant, with my adopted older brother(Pretty much, that’s how close we are, and he is like another son to my Dad), Forest, and his girlfriend Lynae (Super sorry if I misspelled your name! 🙂 ), Forest’s sister Rebecca, and his Mom Gerri, a friend of our’s and Forest’s, Julia Ann, who got married about 2 years ago now, and now has twin boys who are almost a year old, and we haven’t seen her since before she got married. Also Forest and Rebecca’s cousin Patrick, was with us, hadn’t seen him, since 2009, and one of Forest’s college friends, Chris came too!!!!

There were soooo many people! LOL But we all had so much fun! Forest, is always a ton of fun to hang with, like I mean ALWAYS, and I have known him since he was about 14 or 15. We are 6 years apart, so that means I was 8 or 9 when I met Forest, and his fam. We are all so old now-a-days.

Forest lives pretty close to us now, because he is attending UCF in Orlando, and so therefore is like an hour away from us, so we have been hanging out with him more often. I will have to finish the post I started a few weeks ago, about the last time we hung out with Forest. It was so cool, we went down to the beach around 10 @ night, and walked down the beach, looking for sea turtles laying their eggs! And we actually saw several lay! It was a lot of fun, and really cool to just hang out with Forest then as well.

I wish we had taken some pics last night but we were just having so much fun, laughing and joking, and eating and stuff, that nobody thought of taking a pic. LOL And of course it was a pretty late night, so once we got past like 9:30, everything started to be just gut wrenching-ly hilarious. Forest has this amazing talent of being able to say everything, just perfectly hilariously, and make everyone crack up, over the most simple statement. AND all his jokes are hilarious. To the point that when we were all getting our cars to drive home, Lynae, and I had huge cramps from laughing so hard! LOL

Okay, Okay, I will stop gushing, and bragging and finish this up, so that I can go to Volleyball practice. Have an awesome weekend y’all!


Sunshine 😀 ❤

April 2015, update

Okay, wait a second, where did four months go?! I mean just yesterday I woke up and it was the first of January, right?!Okay enough missing lost time. Right now, I am going to just update y’all on everything that has been going on these past few months. I will be going off a few of my journal entries for this post lol 🙂



  • In January, Violet and I celebrated our first year of being Best Friends.
  • I hit 107 lbs. lol
  • Maggie, my lil sis, #4, Turned 10. Can’t believe how fast she is growing up
  • I passed my boating license exams.
  • My Uncle Cornell, on My Mom’s side, Got married in Arizona, unfortunately we were not able to make it out there for his wedding.
  • I apparently decided that when I get married, I want to be proposed to on the beach at the end of Atlantic blvd. , in Atlantic Beach fl. Oh and I want it to be a surprise, because I love surprises. LOL That one was a bit random 😛 I don’t know Why y’all need this info, but it might come in handy somewhere down the road, so I guess I’ll just leave it here. LOL
  • One of my really good friends, Samuel Cook (Sam) turned 17, on the 17th of January. Happy Birthday Sam, luv ya. 😀
  • I lost a necklace that my Best Friend Violet gave me, at the park. I stressed over it, for a long time till found it, because she gave me that necklace, and we both have matching necklaces, and I really did  not want to lose that necklace. Besides I kinda knew she would never let me forget it, if I did lose it lol She awesome like that. After a few days of my acquired Nancy Drew skills, and searching the park, very thoroughly, I finally found it. I was so happily relived.
  • School, School, and more school! Oh the life of a High School Sophomore LOL 🙂
  • On January 23 and 24 we attended a small conference held at the Congregation we attend, in Lake City Florida. This year, during the conference, there was a music and song writing workshop for all the youth in attendance. My siblings and I attended the workshop. It was a lot of fun. Some of the kids wrote songs, and others sang. At the end of the day, we all put on a concert for all the adults, about 150 in total. I sang a few songs and even soloed in a few songs also. One thing that really impacted me about that workshop was that, I don’t like performing, I never have. Especially singing in front of people, it’s just something I don’t do. One reason being, I get extremely nervous and shy. It’s not because I think I sound bad, I actually think I have a rather decent singing voice, and I love to sing. Anyway, so I was asked to sing. I have been trying to break my really bad habit of shyness for about almost a year now, and I have come a very long way. I used to not talk to people I didn’t know, and it used to take me forever to warm up to people, even family that I have not seen in a very long time. So when I was asked to sing, I sorta freaked out, but I accepted the invitation, anyway. Before the concert I was so nervous, almost to the point of crying, I was so afraid I would crack, or mess up somehow, and humiliate myself. Once I got up on stage, I did rather well, I found that closing my eyes as I sang and just pretending I was holding a hair brush in my room, helped me to calm my nerves a lot. I did really well, and I was so proud of myself, and I felt so accomplished. I got so many compliments from several of the people in attendance as well, which helped boost my confidence an little bit. All in all, I over came my fear and shyness of Microphones and singing in front of people. Now, one thing I would totally love to do, is to enter a singing competition like “The Voice” or “America’s Got Talent” one day, might happen, but probably won’t. Just a random aspiration of mine. 🙂 Oh and I would also like to acknowledge and applaud my very Best Friend, Violet, who had the nerves of steel, to get up and sing and play, on electric guitar, a song she wrote for the entire audience, for the very first time. I can’t stress how proud of her, she made me and all her friends and family.
  • Right after the conference, we were privileged to be visited by some old friends of my Dad’s, Bob and Sandy Niles. We hung out with them and had a lot of fun on the beach. Bob(we call him Uncle Bob), was so generous to buy all four of my siblings and I Kindle readers! So Thank You Uncle Bob and Aunt Sandy for the Kindles, we use them ALL. THE. TIME. 🙂


  • Had the Stomach virus, that is everyone but me. TMI I’m sure lol
  • Finished Biology 1, with an overall B+ (or A, not sure)
  • Sorted out my school schedule. I have a plan of action that I am following I will officially graduate May 2017. Can’t wait!!! I have also narrowed my college choices down to 3, and now I’m am just going to tour all three, and apply for all three when the time comes and we’ll see what happens. I know what I am going to major in, so that’s out of the way LOL 🙂
  •  We went to an archaeological dig here in St. Augustine. It was really cool, to see them excavating and digging all this ancient pottery and stuff up. So awesome! We took some friends with us too, so that was really fun. Probably the most fun I had, had in a very long time. On our way home, we were laughing and joking and oh my gosh it was just so awesome. I actually had a cramp and no voice after that.
  • On the 15th, of February, we drove about 60 miles west of here, to the town of Oulstee Florida. Every year in Olustee, the city holds a reenactment of the major civil war battle that took place there. It is a three day long festival, complete with a parade, the reenactment, a ball, tea parties in period clothing and the whole sha-bang. We have wanted to go, all these years that we have lived here, in O.P., but the same weekend that it is held, the International Boat Show, that we have worked at all these years, in Miami is also held. So we have not ever gotten to go, until this year. We were so excited. We all got dressed up, in our civil war period clothes, we actually came pretty close with some of our dresses, and headed out to the Battle. It was a lot of fun. We ran into a few of my friends, Sam and Rose, and hung out with them, so that added to the festivities also. Allie had a blast, seeing all those ladies dressed up, with their hoop skirts, and petticoats and beautiful dresses. So much fun did she have, that she came home, and finally purchased her first hoop skirt, and also got started on making her very first Civil war period Ball gown. I’m still trying to talk her into wearing it when she goes to prom, whenever that happens, she seems to think some one will take her next year LOL. Good luck with that Allie 😛 There were SOOOOOO many people there it was a bit insane. But it is a major event ever February, and people from as many as four hours away come to Oulstee just for that weekend.
  • The day before Valentine’s Day, a friend of mine, by the name of Harley, asked me to go to prom with him. I of course said yes, after a lot of talking to my Dad about it. I will admit to this day, Dad still isn’t thrilled about this whole prom thing. But hey, he’s going to have to get used to it, being that he has 4 beautiful daughters, and we are all going to go through those wonderful Teenage/High school years. LOL I was literally bouncing off the ceiling with glee, and pure shock and happiness after Harley asked me to go with him. I have always looked forward to the day I would be asked to go to prom, and so yea. In the days that followed, I had to buy a dress, and make up, jewelry, shoes and that stuff for prom, so all in all, it was a lot of fun, not just on prom night but getting to spend all that time with Mom shopping and primping and stuff. LOL

Photos from the Oulstee reenactment:


  • Bought My Prom Dress, and went to prom on the 20th. Please see Prom Pics posts for all that good stuff about prom! 😛
  • Papa took all of My sisters and I to a Daddy Daughter dance. That was fun, and interesting at the same time. Picture this: One Dad, four Daughters. You get the picture 🙂
  • My Best Friend, Violet Lindo turned 16 on the 18th of March. Happy Birthday Gurl! U R Awesome! 😛 For more good stuff on that please see Violet’s birthday post. I still believe that she is 16. We met when we were both 14 and since then we have been like peanut Butter and jelly: Inseparable.
  • Drove down to Abuelita’s house, for 5 days. While were there, we stayed with Abuelita while Mom and dad went on a 36 hour cruise to the Bahamas. The cruise was a surprise for Mom. They cam back smiling, exhausted and peeling with sunburn. I say they had a good time! 🙂 We had just as much fun with Abuelita. She took us to a bird sanctuary for like a little field trip, then we went to this really awesome Jewish restaurant called Ben’s for lunch. We had the most delicious Matzah Ball soup you could ever ask for. Highly recommended. My siblings and I were not on vacation during that trip, so we had to do all of our regular school stuff. We also did some crafts and stuff with Abuelita, a common practice whenever she babysits us, and our parents go out of town.
  • Our House’s short sale has been approved. So we have to be moved out of here by the 24th of April.


  • April 2nd, Papa took all of us children and Harley out to the fantastic Clay County Agricultural Fair! It had been a long time since we had been out to the Ag fair, and the best part was it was the first day! So we all got in for 2$ a person, ALL the rides were completely FREE for the first hour, and the after the first hour, there were all 2$ each, a huge discount from the regular 8$ per person entrance fee, and then the 18$ arm band per person for all the rides. We all had so much fun on the rides and walking around the fair. We saw a few shows, such as a Magic show, a Frisbee Dog show, and the pig races. The last one was pretty funny to watch LOL.

2014 : A Year Come and Gone

Wow, still in shock over the year 2014 being gone so fast! It just hasn’t hit me yet that the year is officially over! I mena, really?! Today dosen’t feel any different than yesterday, but today is “January 1st, 2015″ and yesterday was ” December 31st, 2014″.

My life has changed considerablly in the past year. And on top of all these feelings, I still can’t believe that I will be turing 16 this year! I mean who would  have thought?! Like seriously, what happened to that little, big cheeked, chatter box, adorable little girl I used to be?! She’s grown up so fast! Pretty soon that little, adorable, chatter box, girl will be driving, and getting her first job, finishing high school, and going to college. And now she is that “sweet little, beautiful, wonderful, perfect All-American Girl!” 🙂 Okay, maybe I won’t go that far, but you catch my drift 😛

I made a rough list of “firsts” that came this year (2014) and I think I will go ahead and type it out here.

  • Got my ears pierced
  • Started painting my nails (Don’t laugh, yes, it took that long to “wear down” my Dad)
  • Became addicted to country music
  • Texted for at least 25 hours (accumilitive, rough estimate)
  • Got my first pair of Hollister jeans (!)
  • Went tubing for the first time
  • Played my first season of volleyball, and reignited my addiction or aka Volleyball fever
  • Started my blog ?(finally !)
  • Made a few new friends
  • Turned 15 (Okay now that one, is only a one time thing. Love it while it’s here LOL 😛 )
  • Became a better singer and photographer
  • Learned how to play the piano
  • Went to Legoland
  • Went to my first square dance
  • Made a B I Algebra (Can’t say I’m thrilled about that, but whatever)
  • Went to my first High school football game

I have a few more things I could add to that list, but I just can’t think of them now, so I will leave y’all with this:

Please give it up for Maddie and Tae, whose song, “Girl in a Country Song” was thie first girl duet Country song to ever hit the charts period, and it actually made #1 on the charts for a whole week! I present to you, my new favorite song 😛

What’s Up?! Long time no Post!

Hey Y’all!  🙂 Wow, it’s been so long since I posted here! Well, here we go. I’m going to update y’all on what all I’ve been doing lately 😀

I’ve been pretty busy these past few weeks. Piano Lessons, School, chores, sports, family, friends from out of town, the list goes on and on! In the process of all this hubbub, I really have not had any “profound” writing ideas hit me, and I have not done any photo shoots recently either. So I decided to just do an update post.

Okay so I’ll start with school. We do school through the summer, because being part of a family that travels so profusely, at various times through out the year, we really don’t need a “summer vacation”. So I can’t actually put a date per say on when school started for us, but I can say that our county started school the 12th of August, so we’ve been in school for somewhere around a month or so now. Things have gotten very mentally exhausting to say the least. This past year, life has been so crazy, and my life literally went from “busy” middle-schooler to CRAZY High-schooler! So goes the life of a home-schooler, says my Mom. Yea Mom has a large part to play in all this, because she is my curriculum coach, so she really piles on the assignments! Still love you Mom! 😀 I have had a few extra classes added to my plate this year. This year I am taking Journalism and Computer Coding/Programming, along with all my other studies. The Computer Coding class has been really fun and interesting, so far, but when I get done most days my brain literally swimming in computer code. LOL. The Journalism class, is pretty interesting so far aswell, but it can get a little exhausting writing/typing and researching and editing for long periods of time, can get at least a little monotonous. LOL, but whatever, I can deal with it. BTW, as a little spoiler, i will be posting some of my journalistic pieces sometime soon.

Next up: Chores! Not much I can really say for those, except, they like to take over my life, and the very second I think that I’m “done” with my allotted chores, another one falls out of nowhere. Thanks a lot Chores, don’t know what I would do with out you. LOL 😛

Yes! Sports, this year I will once again be playing for our local YMCA. This year though, I will be playing Girls Volleyball. I’m pretty excited. I really like playing volleyball, and I have never played for an actual organized team with players my age. So the season starts the week of Sept. 24th. I’m VERY excited. My sister Allie will also be playing, though not on my team. Also concerning sports, it looks like I will be going to my first football game! So super excited about that! The game is on Oct. 3rd, and it will be between our local high school, Orange Park High, and the high school of the nearby town of Lake City, Colombia High, the school that my best friend Sam plays for. I’m really like overly excited about that one too! LOL 😀

My Family, well that subject is going to take a little while LOL 😛 Everyone is growing up so fast! Noah will be 6 this Nov. I’ve said it before, and I guess I’ll say it again, this year has been the fastest flying year I have experienced in a long time, literally it has come and gone already. I can’t believe Sukkot is next month! Wow! I will also say, though, that all my sisters are getting very pretty. I’m almost jealous sometimes,I honestly think they are all going a lot prettier than me! 🙂 Mama, and I were talking about it a few days ago, and it really is true, Faith is certainly going to be down right gorgeous! Maggie, and Allie, are pretty close being her in the running. I know is probably a little unfair because I know that all my sisters are very beautiful in different ways, Maggie is very exotic-ly (Oh well, it’s my word, no you can’t have it :P) beautiful, and so is Allie. Faith is hard to explain, all I can really say is that she is going to be really beautiful, she already is. I am just another pretty face, really, I’m nothing special, LOL. Oh and not to leave Noah out, that little man is going to have problems when he gets into his teenage years. In case you don’t get the implication, Noah is really going to be very handsome.

We were graced with the pleasure of seeing our dear friends the Hackney family, this past August. We have known the Hackneys since 2006. We met them at the St. Petersburg International Boat Show, and our Mother’s hit it off immediately, and we know their kids, and their kids know us well enough to easily be our own cousins, though there is no blood relation between our families. Ever since then we have been friends. They have five children, as well. Shortly after we met them, they sold their house in Clearwater Fla. and moved aboard their very spacious, and totally awesome 48 foot catamaran named ‘Take Two’. My Mom, and Their Mom, Miss Tanya, are so alike, I mean it’s crazy sometimes, like they finish each other’s sentences and stuff, and know exactly what the other is talking about, before they’ve even like explained it and stuff, so it is really funny, when those two get together. Their children, all younger than I, but not by much, are really fun to hang with as well. Just about every time we see them, we end up hanging out with them on their boat for a while just talking, catching up, and/or playing with Legos, which always brings back memories of the days when i was younger and we too live on our sailboat.

This time around, they stopped in St. Augustine, a town just about 45 mins from our house, for the week. We just could not turn up the invitation to go hang with them, especially since they were so close! (FYI, we have driven at least 100 miles out of our way to go see these good friends of our, before). As usual, we had an awesome time with them. We hung out on their boat with them, ate lunch and caught up for a little while, and then we all went to the beach. After the beach we went back to their boat, showered on the dock, with the hose (Love showering on the dock! LOL, had to do it, ‘cuz I normally don’t do that on a daily basis)  and then ordered two 24 inch pizzas for dinner. Now, I kid you not, those 24″ pizzas were inhaled within about 10 mins flat by 10 HUNGRY Kids, ranging from ages 15 to 3, and only 4 of which were boys! It was a sight to behold. We all cracked up with laughter after all the pizza was gone, and it had only been like 10 mins, it was just too funny.

So let’s see, what else is there? Oh yea I have been spending almost every weekend on the beach, so I have gotten my hair to bleach out a few shades. Kinda cool to see science at work like that, and also look a lot cooler at the same time 😛 I like my hair a little lighter, in color, I actually think it looks a little better 🙂 Not to mention the 5 – 6 times that I got a nice red sunburn, not always fun.

About two weeks ago, we also finally got some waves here. The best waves we’ve had all summer, so I got to take the Surf board out, and did a little surfing. My surfing need a lot of work, LOL, but in the absence of waves, my skate board has actually gotten a lot of use.

I did a lot of stuff this summer that I haven’t done other summers, and I didn’t do a lot of stuff I usually do during the summer. For example, I spent uncountable nights texting my two very best friends, late into night, something that I would happily do, just about anytime, given the chance. One thing that I know for a fact that I did not do, that I have done so many times, during past summers, is I have yet to wake up at 5 am with my Father, to drive to the beach and just hang out and watch the sunrise off the ocean. In fact, I have not even woken up any earlier than 8:30 am, something that is very unusual for me, especially during the summer. I know I could go on, with numerous things, that I have not done this summer, that I wish I had, but to be honest, I’m pretty happy with the stuff I have done this Summer.

Oh and last but not least, my sisters and I have been enrolled in Piano lessons. So every Thursday, we go to our piano lessons. That has been very fun, and we look forward to it, every week. I think we are all pretty about the prospect of learning to read music and being able to play the piano. 🙂

Well that’s all I can Think of right now, that has been going on recently, so. I hope y’all all had an awesome summer.

I am going to add a song to the bottom of this post, that I really have been enjoying recently 😛 \

Just for those of you, who don’t what, or who the Maccabeats are, they are a acapella (Music that only uses voice and hands/feet, no instruments) group from the Yeshiva Univ. The Yeshiva Univ. is an all Jewish Univ. in NYC. Check out their website, which as all their music videos, and lyrics, as well as appearance schedules. Oh yea their amazing story is there too. 🙂 One of my totally favorite groups.

Peace y’all!

~ Sunshine 😛

God Is Dead!

Or is He??????

 Last night we saw the movie God’s Not Dead.So I just wanted to kinda sorta share my thoughts on this movie, in a review style form, so here we go. 🙂

Personal Rating: 4 star

Recommended or not: Highly recommended

Story Line Summary: Josh Wheaton (Shane Harper), a Christian college student, enrolls in a philosophy class taught by Professor Jeffrey Radisson (Kevin Sorbo), an atheist, who demands that his students sign a declaration that “God is dead” to get a passing grade. Josh is the only student in the class who refuses to sign and is then required by Radisson to debate the topic with him, with the class members deciding who wins.

Radisson gives Josh 20 minutes at the end of the first three lecture sessions to argue that God exists. In the first two debates, Radisson has counter arguments for all of Josh’s points. Josh’s girlfriend Kara (Cassidy Gifford) breaks up with him, fearing that standing up to Radisson will jeopardize their academic future. Ultimately, it comes down to the third and final debate between Radisson and Josh, who again both make compelling points. Josh then halts his line of debate to pose a question to Radisson: “Why do you hate God?” After Josh repeats the question twice more, Radisson explodes in rage, confirming he hates God for his mother’s death that left him alone despite his prayers. Josh then casually asks Radisson how he can hate someone that doesn’t exist. In the end, Martin (Paul Kwo), a foreign exchange student whose father had encouraged him not to convert to Christianity, stands up and says “God’s not dead.” Almost the entire class follows Martin’s lead, causing Radisson to leave the room in defeat.

Against the backdrop of the debates, a series of peripherally related subplots develop. Radisson dates Mina (Cory Oliver), a Christian whom he often belittles in front of his fellow atheist colleagues. Her brother Mark (Dean Cain), a successful businessman and atheist, refuses to visit their mother, who suffers from dementia. Mark’s girlfriend, Amy (Trisha LaFache), is a left-wing blogger who writes articles critical of Duck Dynasty. When she is diagnosed with cancer, Mark dumps her. A Muslim student named Ayisha (Hadeel Sittu) secretly converts to Christianity and is disowned by her family when they find out.

After the final debate, Josh invites the newly born-again Martin to attend the Newsboys concert that is in town. Radisson reads a letter from his late mother, and is moved to reconcile with Mina. Amy confronts the Newsboys in their dressing room, only to admit that she wants to get to know God. While on his way to find Mina, Radisson is struck by a car and fatally injured. Reverend Dave (David A. R. White) finds him and guides him in becoming a born-again Christian as he dies. Mark at last visits his mother, only to taunt her; she responds that all of his financial success was given to him by Satan.

As the film ends, the Newsboys play a video clip of Willie Robertson congratulating Josh. The Newsboys then play their song “God’s Not Dead”, dedicating it to Josh.

Pros and Cons/Likes and Dislikes: I really enjoyed this movie. I believe that it is a must see for all young Christians who are unsure as to how to defend their faith. The story line is very interesting and engaging. I cried several times throughout and so did my Father. If there were two things I would change about this movie, I would change the title. I don’t really think that with a title like “God’s Not Dead” atheists would really be compelled to watch it. I know personally that my Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Granparents would probably not  be very interested in watching this movie, just by looking at the title alone. The other thing I would change is  the portrayal of girls in this movie. It is a little bit negative.


God is Good. All the Time. and All The Time, God is Good! 🙂

Peace y’all.

~Sunshine 😛

Think on These Things

The following is an article by a fellow blogger that I totally agree with! It basically says everything I’ve wanted to say in a way i never would have thought of saying it.  All credit goes to Caitlin, who wrote this, and this is a link to her blog, go ahead, and check it out! Daughter of Destiny

By the way this is a continuation of the rant I started with the following post: Romantic Novels, are they really worth our time?

Think on these things

I’d like to address an issue, that I feel like has been laid upon my heart, in which I believe is crucial, in this day and age.

Movies… now before any of you exit out of this post, or un-follow me, I’d like you to hear me out.

Our family has set standards as us kids have gotten older. Yes, I’m almost 22, and yes, I’m allowed to choose which movies I watch, and yes, I’ve made some mistakes, and watched movies that I shouldn’t have seen. Sometimes, those images stay in our head, and convince our minds that it’s okay.

What bothers me, is when people go to midnight showings and watch movies that they KNOW will have “Sensual Scenes” or “F-bombs”, they say, “It’s okay, it doesn’t bother me.” or “I just ignore it.”

To be honest… you can’t just ignore it. We slowly give way to accepting what our culture watches.

At first, we may fast forward the “kissing scene…” maybe the next time, “we watch just a little bit of it”… slowly, we accept the fact, that kissing scene’s are in every movie we watch, and we little by little become okay with it.

What once was a sin to see… still is… but, we accept it now. We justify our sin. We think that we won’t be “cool”, if we don’t see the movie.

Can I ask a question?… how many of you look at reviews for movies? How many of you see what the review says, but still go anyway? You see that the movie has a couple “scenes”, but…really? Just ignore it? I’ve talked with a lot of people on this subject, and they say, “it’s realistic when they do that…” it doesn’t matter if it’s realistic or not… it’s NOT okay. We can’t justify it!!! Adam and Eve didn’t have the kind of language we have today… they didn’t call people the “S” word, or the “D” word! They might have gotten mad at each other, but…really?

You guys (gals), this is a spiritual battle! We see it everywhere today! And little by little, we’ve compromised! Little by little, we let things “slide” so to speak. It doesn’t bother you to see a man and woman getting naked in front of a T.V. screen? … it should! The Bible tells us in

Hebrews 13:4 

“Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.”

Even if you turn your head for 5 seconds… once you’ve seen, it can destroy you! And when you go to a movie, the director’s don’t know that you “turned” your head… they think you support that movie. They don’t know if you fast-forward scenes, or use “Clear-Play” to watch movies… although it’s much safer to do that. You still support the movie. I’m not perfect! I do it too! However, I try to hard to remind myself of what Philippians 4:8, “Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy-mediate on these things.”

Is going to see “____”, (fill in the blank) any of these things? If not, pray and ask God for guidance. You might have grown up in a family, where it’s okay to watch whatever movie you’d like. You might have grown up in a family that would only let you watch a couple movies or no movies at all, and now you let things slide. Whatever the case may be… I ask that you PLEASE protect your mind, soul, and heart! Don’t let this world steal your mind and thoughts. I’d recommend looking at:  http://www.pluggedin.com/ for a movie review. And please, don’t take me wrong… watching movies can be great and fun! … but in the end, are thoughts in your mind that shouldn’t be?! Forgive me if I’ve overstepped by boundaries. But this is one thing, I can’t let go by anymore. Thank you all, and may you be blessed! 🙂

~ Caitlin Baughman

I Love The Way You Hold Me

The Way You Hold Me,

You lift me off the ground,

You swing me around,

But when you put me down,

I feel like I’m still flying,

In your arms,

I close my eyes and I’m still In your arms,

We’re still spinning around,

My feet still miles from the ground,

No matter what’s going on around us,

You make me fly,

Because I love the way you hold me,

You always turn my day right side up,

When it’s flipped around,

When you’re no longer holding me,

I just close my eyes,

And hit rewind,

To put my day back together,

Because you hold my heart,

In your arms.

~ Sunshine

July 22, 2014

I wrote this poem today, and I’m at least a little bit excited about it =) I want to just explain where the inspiration for this one came from. I have been listening to the below song, a lot, like it’s one of those songs I heard on the radio, fell in love with it, and just have been listening to over and over and over, because I just really love it! =) It’s called “Hold Me” by Jamie Grace. I just love the concept, of someone, anybody that you love just coming up and hugging you, making you feel better, and just letting you know it’s gonna be alright. That whole concept just really struck me, and I just knew that there was going to be a poem coming out of it. So earlier as I was listening to it (For like the ten thousandth time!), I was sitting here at the dinning room table, with a blank notebook in front of me, just singing along and thinking about who this song reminds me of, and just thinking. Then all of a sudden, the words just started flowing. At first all I had was the first line down, and then next I knew, had a full poem sitting in front of me! And it all totally fit together! =P I’m pretty proud of it =)

This is one of those poems that is more like a vignette into my thoughts and feelings, than my life. I don’t really know how to explain it. =) It’s one of those poems =P

I hope y’all really enjoy it =) Oh and I also incorporated another song I’ve been listening to over and over to called “Rewind” by Rascal Flatts, Look it up, it’s an awesome song. Really love that song too! =)

Awesome Friends, Wet Kiddos, and Giant Rubber Tubes! Makes for some unforgettable Fun!

Unforgettable. That is only one word that explains our AWESOME time on the Itchetucknee river, and springs. The scenery, the experience, the time with friends, and the AMAZINGLY clear water!

“The heavens declare the glory of God (YHVH), and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.”

Psalms 19:1

“Let everything that has breath praise the LORD (Adonai)! Praise the LORD (Adonai)!” 

– Psalms 150:6

“Ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds of the air, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish of the sea inform you. Which of these does not know that the hand of the Lord (Adonai) has done this? In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.”
– Job 12:7-10
“Praise the Lord (Adonai) from the earth, you great sea creatures and all ocean depths, lightning and hail, snow and clouds, stormy winds that do his bidding, you mountains and all hills, fruit trees and all cedars, wild animals and all cattle, small creatures and flying birds.”
-Psalm 148:7-10 
Okay, so by now, some of y’all might be thinking I’m going to get all preachy on you =P No, I won’t. I just felt so led to add those verses to this post, because they really truly exemplify what the whole trip was like.
So, last Sunday my wonderful family and two other families, friends from Shul, went to Itchetucknee Springs State Park in Fort White, Florida. Aprox. 100 miles from our house. We were told about this place by some friends, who lived here nearby us, before they moved to C.O. (miss them a lot) a year ago.They raved about it, and how great it was! Well that was like 5 yrs ago! So when my Birthday rolled around, I asked for two things, to get my ears pierced and to go to Itchetucknee. So, that’s what we did. We took some friends with us. My Best friend, Violet, and her family came, and Sam Cook, my good friend, and his family came with us also. Actually, when I say Sam’s family came, picture 7 boys, 2 girls, and their dad! Yea a whole lot of us where there, but that just made it more awesome =).
We came prepared to go tubing, down the river, and go swimming in the head spring, and Blue hole. We also brought picnic lunch stuff. So, my family got there around 10-ish, in the morning. As we were waiting for our friends to show up, we formulated a plan. We would go swimming in the head spring, until everyone showed up, then we would eat lunch and hit the river! So that’s what we did. we swam in the Head spring for a while, which was awesome, but cold. You see, the head spring, stays at 72 degrees , year round, so it is a little chilly, when you first get in. But after so many times of going swimming in cold water at the beach, I’ve learned that in order to deal with it, you just dive in head first, and then you will get used to it. Besides Last Sunday started out as a rather hot day, so it was like, you would dive in, and finally stop freezing, and shivering, and then, once you were in totally,if you got out you were like, wow it’s hot, I gotta get back in! =)
Around 11 am, the Cook Clan, showed up. So we went swimming with them, and pushed people in the water, and dove in, and practiced flips and dives,and stuff. That was a lot of fun. After doing that a while, we wanted to go over to the Blue hole, to see what it looked like and kinda just see it. So we walked about ten minutes to the south, in the woods, to the blue hole. The blue hole is a giant hole or cave rather in the ground, that goes down for quite a ways and it’s crystal clear, blue. None of us Children had ever seen or been to a Blue hole, so it was pretty cool. Papa, and I went out into the middle of the water, and swam around looking down into the hole for a couple of minutes, but the current from the spring, was moving at a considerably swift rate, so it was sort of hard to swim in there. My arms wanted to fall off, when I got out.
After all that swimming, Violet and her family, finally arrived, so we all ate lunch together. We had sandwiches, and guacamole, and potato salad and chips, and all kinds of stuff, for lunch! After lunch we all got read to go for a float down the river. It was a two and a half hour trip, for us, so we wanted to make sure we did not take anything with us, that could either get lost, or that we would not want to carry, during the trip.
Now the State park has a certain system set up, so that you don’t get stranded and that you can get home when you get out of the river. So how this works is that, you arrive in the North entrance of the park, drop off all your tubes, passengers, and whatever else and then, when you are ready to get on the river, one person from your group, will take your car about fifteen minutes away, to the south entrance, and then a shuttle will bring them back.The only glitch, is that the shuttle that brings the drivers back, waits till it’s full, to bring everybody back, which amounts to about a 45 minute wait. So we would be waiting a while, before we got on the river, because we all wanted to tube down together.
So while we were waiting for our extra group members to get back, some of the younger children went to play at the playground there, while the teenagers (yes that includes me) all sat around joking around and chatting with each other, that was really cool. And just imagine after talking for about 4 & 1/2 hour straight, almost, where did my voice go?! =P Yea I had almost no voice after that. Well and also when we were on the river, we were kinda hollering back and forth to each other, between tubes =) But it was really fun. I think my favorite part of the trip was the fact that it was so relaxing to just float down the river, and chat with my friends, and just hang out! Violet and I got a double tube, so we were on that, and then we, somehow fit three people on our two person tube, so that was Me, Violet and Maggie, all on one double tube, and then, we had Sam’s tube tied to ours, so we were all floating together. It was pretty awesome. A few times while we were floating along, we came to some really narrow areas and there were like trees over the river and stuff, so that was kinda funny to see how each “team” tackled” the obstacles =) We all kept with in Shouting distance of each other so yea. In the middle of the trip, it started to drizzle, and lightning stuck about oh, i would say like 1 8 or 10 miles away. So we were all like, looking at the pretty spectacular lightning show, and hoping it would not get any closer. Also, once it started to drizzle, we all got sorta chilly, because by that time we were mostly dried off, except for our bottoms, which were in the water, of course. So most of the group was pretty ready to get out, as soon as the dock came into view, With the exception of one group of tubes. Can you guess? Violet and I were kinda cold, but we were ready to deal with it if we could just keep going! We wanted to keep floating, down the river! But once we got to the first half way mark, landing, it was already like 5:30 pm, and if we had kept going we would have had another 2 more hours to float, before we could get out, so yea we did not do the whole trip, but Vi and I plan on talking our parents into letting us do the whole trip. next time =)
Well I should go, so that’s all for now =) We hope to go back, some time really soon, and we all look forward to that time =)
Shabbat Shalom, y’all =)

Get a Whiff o’ that, Smell!

Hey Guys! So we have this really super awesome gardenia bush in our backyard, and i’ve been waiting for the buds to finally open! The smell, that just flows from those flowers, is truly amazing and so nice to smell while washing the dishes!! So amazing that such a beautiful flower could ever be created, but then again we have an awesome Creator, that is for sure! And to think that some people can look at such beauty and say there is no God! Don’t get me started! =P Anyway, so as soon as the first one opened up enough, i took a pa-doodle (yep just made that one up!) o’ pics, and so i’m going to share a few of them here =) Hope y’all enjoy =)


                                                                                                                                                                                                         DSC_0025 (2)DSC_0028 (2)

“Let all that hath breath praise God(YHVH)!HaleluYAH!”

~ Psalm 150:6