31 Random Facts About Me #15, 16, and 17

3 in 1!!!

Random Fact #15: I would love to meet my ultimate favorite celebrity Bethany Hamilton. You may know who this is, since her story was told by a movie called “Soul Surfer”. In short, she was just a normal girl, from Hawaii who wanted to become a pro surfer. One Christmas morning, when she was 13, she was out surfing with some friends and she was bitten by a Great White shark. The whole reason why she is so famous now, is that even though she was bitten she got back on her surf board and is still surfing. And trust me, surfing with only one arm is very difficult. So anyway yea, I would love to meet her someday. You can check out her blog @ Bethanyhamilton.com. She got married a year ago and has baby #1 on the way!

Random Fact #16: My favorite Season is Spring! Minus all the pollen, which I am allergic to.

Random Fact #17: One thing I want to do when I turn 18 is I want to go to Europe and Backpack and bike ride all over France, Poland, Belgium, and England. Just me, my bike or my longboard skate board, and a backpack. I also want to go back to Puerto Rico and spend a month there.