31 Random Facts About Me #24, #25 & #26

Random Fact #24: I have never attended a public school a day in my life. But I would love to finish High School in a regular High School. I’m pretty sure my parents would NEVER let me.

Random Fact #25: I have always wanted to graduate at the age of 16. Ha! LOL That is so not happening.

Random Fact #26: My dream wedding is one of two things. A barn wedding, anywhere, with a really rustic, country feel. Or, a beach wedding, with a really rustic nautical theme in Nantucket, Massachusetts.  Okay that was really random. LOL

31 Random Facts About Me #23

Random Fact #23: I love writing Poetry. Here is my most resent one, finished a few days ago. Feel free to give me any and all feedback you have 🙂 Oh and if you have any ideas on a good name for it, please let me know, cuz I still have yet to name this one, and honestly I’m stuck. FYI I wrote the first few lines a few months ago, so they are not that accurate.


One year and 47 days,


Going on Forever,

it seems,

The long times seem longer,

and the short times shorter,

Still it could have been last night,

Now we’re older,


and taller,

You’ve moved on with life,

I seem to be stuck in a time bubble,

Stuck in something that ended,

Five months ago,

We still talk,

About life,

as it goes by,



But my brain is still stuck in the past,

I tell myself it’s time to let go,

But moving on seems impossible,

I still hear you talking,

over the phone,

at 2 am,

that voice that makes me feel like everything will always gonna be alright,

It replays in my head,

everything that ever happened,

I wish I could make you come back,

I would do anything,

But you’re just beyond reach,

Just out of sight



31 Random Facts About Me #18

Random Fact #18: I have only seen snow twice. Having been born and raised in Florida all my life, despite all the traveling we do, I have only seen snow twice. Once when I was like 1 and 1/2 and then when I was 10 I think.

The second time I actually went sledding with a bunch of friends of mine, and it was so awesome. Most Fun I have ever had. Now I want to go out to Colorado sometime and go snowboarding so bad. We have several friends who live in Colorado, and other snow getting states, so yea.

Two weeks till my big day!!! So can’t wait! 😛

31 Random Facts About Me #15, 16, and 17

3 in 1!!!

Random Fact #15: I would love to meet my ultimate favorite celebrity Bethany Hamilton. You may know who this is, since her story was told by a movie called “Soul Surfer”. In short, she was just a normal girl, from Hawaii who wanted to become a pro surfer. One Christmas morning, when she was 13, she was out surfing with some friends and she was bitten by a Great White shark. The whole reason why she is so famous now, is that even though she was bitten she got back on her surf board and is still surfing. And trust me, surfing with only one arm is very difficult. So anyway yea, I would love to meet her someday. You can check out her blog @ Bethanyhamilton.com. She got married a year ago and has baby #1 on the way!

Random Fact #16: My favorite Season is Spring! Minus all the pollen, which I am allergic to.

Random Fact #17: One thing I want to do when I turn 18 is I want to go to Europe and Backpack and bike ride all over France, Poland, Belgium, and England. Just me, my bike or my longboard skate board, and a backpack. I also want to go back to Puerto Rico and spend a month there.


31 Random Facts About Me #14

Random Fact #14: My favorite flowers are Hydrangeas and Gardenias, in that order.

We have a huge gardenia bush in our back yard, and I have posted pics of them on here before. They just smell sooo good. I wait every spring for them to bloom, and when  they do bloom, you can smell them all the way on the other side of the house.

I fell in love with hydrangeas when Mom and I went on our trip up to Nantucket, Massachusetts, with my Abuelita, during the summer of 2013. They come in so many different colors, depending on the acidity of the soil they are planted in. I particularly love the blue ones.

I plan on using both of these beautiful flowers in my wedding, someday. I just haven’t decided yet though. I know that I will have Hydrangeas in my bridal bouquet, but the gardenias, I haven’t decided how I’m going to work those in yet 🙂

31 Random Facts About Me #13

Hey y’all I’m sorry I missed the 13th of May. I have been sooooo busy, moving furniture, working yard sales and packing all kinds of stuff up in boxes. My back isn’t doing too well as a result, and we all can’t wait till all this madness is over! LOL I swear our house looks like WW III came through, it’s insane.

Anyway, here is #13 =)

Random Fact #13: Okay I openly admit that I am a huge fan of country music. Yes, I am. My favorite artists are way too many to list, but they include Luke Bryan, Florida – Georgia Line, Rascal Flatts, Hunter Hayes. . . . . .Okay the list keeps going but I will stop there LOL.

I can’t exactly explain why. All I know is that I have been drawn to country music since I was really little, having heard it a few sparse times on the radio, while flipping through stations. Then about 2 and 1/2 yrs ago, I met my best friend and my best friend for life, and they both are country music fans, and they both had me listen to a few Rascal Flatts and Florida Georgia Line songs so I was like you know I have to listen to more of this stuff. That’s how it all started. Since then I have been addicted to country music.

Besides, you must remember that Taylor Swift used to be a country music artist, so.

31 Random Facts About Me #12

Random Fact #12: I Travel soooooo much! LOL Okay, so just the stretch of I-95 that goes from Jacksonville, exit 337, to exit 1 in Miami, I can honestly say that I have driven that one strech, nonstop and stopping on every single exit, here in Florida, at least 100 times. Easily more than 100 times, but at least 100 times can be accounted for. And yes, I have been on every single exit here in FL at least twice.

It’s kinda crazy if you think about it. But, yea I have been all over this state so many times. The only part of FL I have not been to, is the panhandle. Never been west of Live Oak. I have been every where from The Florida-Georgia border on I-75 south, but not west.

Yes I know, I am very privileged to have parents who have taken me every where, on every business trip, to all kinds of places all over the world. Or at least in the eastern hemisphere, so far. Not to brag or anything, but I have either been to, or driven through at least 25 of the 50 states in the USA. And I have been overseas 3 times, once to Puerto Rico, and to Ecuador twice, when I was really small though, so I don’t remember it. The trip to Puerto Rico, is probably the one trip that we have taken that I enjoyed the most, and I would love to go back, as soon as I can.