Family Reunion ish. . . . . .

So yesterday was sooooooo busy and really pretty crazy to be honest.

Allie and I had volleyball practice @ 3:45, and then from there we drove back home, and picked up the rest of the fam, and drove and hour and a half over to the Orlando area to eat dinner with a bunch of friends we hadn’t seen in a while. I was all sparkly(FYI Girls don’t sweat, we sparkle), and stinky from practice. Allie, was smart enough to actually take a shower @ the gym, while I made a dumb excuse not to take one, and paid for it in the end. UGH!!!! Anyway, the rest of the night was sooooo much fun.

We ate dinner @ Sweet Tomatoes, pretty much our favorite restaurant, with my adopted older brother(Pretty much, that’s how close we are, and he is like another son to my Dad), Forest, and his girlfriend Lynae (Super sorry if I misspelled your name! 🙂 ), Forest’s sister Rebecca, and his Mom Gerri, a friend of our’s and Forest’s, Julia Ann, who got married about 2 years ago now, and now has twin boys who are almost a year old, and we haven’t seen her since before she got married. Also Forest and Rebecca’s cousin Patrick, was with us, hadn’t seen him, since 2009, and one of Forest’s college friends, Chris came too!!!!

There were soooo many people! LOL But we all had so much fun! Forest, is always a ton of fun to hang with, like I mean ALWAYS, and I have known him since he was about 14 or 15. We are 6 years apart, so that means I was 8 or 9 when I met Forest, and his fam. We are all so old now-a-days.

Forest lives pretty close to us now, because he is attending UCF in Orlando, and so therefore is like an hour away from us, so we have been hanging out with him more often. I will have to finish the post I started a few weeks ago, about the last time we hung out with Forest. It was so cool, we went down to the beach around 10 @ night, and walked down the beach, looking for sea turtles laying their eggs! And we actually saw several lay! It was a lot of fun, and really cool to just hang out with Forest then as well.

I wish we had taken some pics last night but we were just having so much fun, laughing and joking, and eating and stuff, that nobody thought of taking a pic. LOL And of course it was a pretty late night, so once we got past like 9:30, everything started to be just gut wrenching-ly hilarious. Forest has this amazing talent of being able to say everything, just perfectly hilariously, and make everyone crack up, over the most simple statement. AND all his jokes are hilarious. To the point that when we were all getting our cars to drive home, Lynae, and I had huge cramps from laughing so hard! LOL

Okay, Okay, I will stop gushing, and bragging and finish this up, so that I can go to Volleyball practice. Have an awesome weekend y’all!


Sunshine 😀 ❤


Goodbye possum, the dog that would always barks when we drove down our old street,

Goodbye to the playground, at Clark park who has seen it all

To all the trees in our spacious yard, who if they could talk, would be able to tell so many stories,

Goodbye to the train track, less than a mile from our house, whose trains never wake me up, but I always hear them if I am awake

Goodbye Blanding Blvd, the street I have seen almost every hour of the day, from 4 am, to high noon,

Goodbye Orange Park High, the school I wanted to be allowed to attend someday, and the school that I saw my Best Friend for Life Samuel W. Cook #68 of the CHS Tigers play in a football game, for my first time,

Goodbye to Cynthia and all the clerks at the post office, who I used to pick the wild marigolds for,

Goodbye to all of Fleming Island, where all my favorite houses are,

Goodbye to the Saddle Club, I’m going to miss hearing your announcer announcing the scores for all the horse racers and just being able to walk a few blocks from my house and watch the horses race,

The one place I have always wanted to take a boyfriend of mine to just hangout on a date someday,

Goodbye to all my friends around town, who I haven’t seen in forever, who I have dreamt of running into in WalMart sometime,

To all my Dad’s ex students, from all the schools that he has substituted at, and from his many classes at  Wilkinson Jr. High, who we are always running into, y’all are so much fun to meet

Goodbye to all the back roads I have ridden down, around here, bumpy, muddy, and twisty as can be,

Goodbye to Pongo, our faithful family dog, who we had for 10 years, and has seen it all, where ever you are now, goodbye

Goodbye to all my team mates from playing volleyball at the YMCA, Most of y’all were so much fun to play with, y’all are great girls, I hope you all make it far in volleyball as I know you all wanted to.