Father’s Day Adventure 2015

As the title suggests, we had quite an adventure this past weekend, on Father’s Day. On Friday, we drove from our house here in Palm Bay, to our old house in Orange Park, to get another load of stuff. We decided to stay the night there and go to visit some friends at a congregation in South Georgia on Saturday. Then on Sunday, I talked Dad into driving to Lake City, to visit my BFF for the day. We had so much fun.

So a few days before our little trip, I called Violet and told we were coming up there for a few days, and of course she insisted on hanging out sometime. It had been a few months since I had seen her so I was pretty psyched. Anyway, while we were on the phone, she old me about this place, called Bob’s River Place on the bank of the Suwannee  river, just a little ways west of Lake City, that had all these water slides, and rope swings and really fun stuff on the river. So I looked it up, and talked Dad into taking us there. We had so much, like you cannot imagine the amount of fun we had. It was so cool.

Bob’s River Place was basically this place on the side of the Suwannee river, that has rope swings and water slides, into the river. The biggest rope swing, is about 50 feet up of the water, and the water is really deep, so no chance of hitting the bottom. There are also a few rope swings that are lower. You can also climb up to the top of the huge, old oak tree and jump into the water from there, which is I would guesstimate to be about 60 or so feet of the water. I jumped into the river from the highest rope swing, the 50 (or so) footer, and I will tell you, it was pure adrenaline rush. Like you would look down from the platform built up in the tree, onto the water, and like your stomach dropped out from under you, and I mean I had never jumped into any water from that high up, so to say that I was little bit scared, would be an understatement. Some how, though I got my nerves of steel to kick in and after a little bit of encouragement from the onlookers I did actually jump.

Another thing Vi and I did there, was we played water volleyball in the water volleyball court. That was a lot of fun, and something I nor Violet had ever done before. We also sang karaoke on the karaoke stage. That was so cool, but I had to literally pull Vi out there with me, to do it, LOL. We sang “Mama’s Broken Heart” By Miranda Lambert.

I took some videos of us there, and I might be posting them soon. But for now, you will just have to be satisfied with these pics that Me and Vi took of us goofing off, on our way back to her house. we are THE Selfie Queens! LOL  😛

Translation for Humide et Beutiful! French for Wet and Beautiful!

Dad has promised to take us back to Bob’s river Place, sometime soon, when Mama and my sis Faith get back in town, and I swear I am going to do the absolutely insane jump, and jump from the top of the oak tree into the water. I have already started psyching myself out for it LOL. I can’t wait to go back. For all my friends, who are interested in going, A) look up Bob’s River Place, Branford Fl, and you can get directions there. It is well worth the drive. You only have to pay 20$ for a car load of up to 6 people to get in, and that’s it. B) I promise to let y’all know next time we go, and maybe we can go together! 😛


Sunshine ❤ 😛

31 Random Facts About Me #18

Random Fact #18: I have only seen snow twice. Having been born and raised in Florida all my life, despite all the traveling we do, I have only seen snow twice. Once when I was like 1 and 1/2 and then when I was 10 I think.

The second time I actually went sledding with a bunch of friends of mine, and it was so awesome. Most Fun I have ever had. Now I want to go out to Colorado sometime and go snowboarding so bad. We have several friends who live in Colorado, and other snow getting states, so yea.

Two weeks till my big day!!! So can’t wait! 😛

31 Random Facts About Me #12

Random Fact #12: I Travel soooooo much! LOL Okay, so just the stretch of I-95 that goes from Jacksonville, exit 337, to exit 1 in Miami, I can honestly say that I have driven that one strech, nonstop and stopping on every single exit, here in Florida, at least 100 times. Easily more than 100 times, but at least 100 times can be accounted for. And yes, I have been on every single exit here in FL at least twice.

It’s kinda crazy if you think about it. But, yea I have been all over this state so many times. The only part of FL I have not been to, is the panhandle. Never been west of Live Oak. I have been every where from The Florida-Georgia border on I-75 south, but not west.

Yes I know, I am very privileged to have parents who have taken me every where, on every business trip, to all kinds of places all over the world. Or at least in the eastern hemisphere, so far. Not to brag or anything, but I have either been to, or driven through at least 25 of the 50 states in the USA. And I have been overseas 3 times, once to Puerto Rico, and to Ecuador twice, when I was really small though, so I don’t remember it. The trip to Puerto Rico, is probably the one trip that we have taken that I enjoyed the most, and I would love to go back, as soon as I can.

Awesome Friends, Wet Kiddos, and Giant Rubber Tubes! Makes for some unforgettable Fun!

Unforgettable. That is only one word that explains our AWESOME time on the Itchetucknee river, and springs. The scenery, the experience, the time with friends, and the AMAZINGLY clear water!

“The heavens declare the glory of God (YHVH), and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.”

Psalms 19:1

“Let everything that has breath praise the LORD (Adonai)! Praise the LORD (Adonai)!” 

– Psalms 150:6

“Ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds of the air, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish of the sea inform you. Which of these does not know that the hand of the Lord (Adonai) has done this? In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.”
– Job 12:7-10
“Praise the Lord (Adonai) from the earth, you great sea creatures and all ocean depths, lightning and hail, snow and clouds, stormy winds that do his bidding, you mountains and all hills, fruit trees and all cedars, wild animals and all cattle, small creatures and flying birds.”
-Psalm 148:7-10 
Okay, so by now, some of y’all might be thinking I’m going to get all preachy on you =P No, I won’t. I just felt so led to add those verses to this post, because they really truly exemplify what the whole trip was like.
So, last Sunday my wonderful family and two other families, friends from Shul, went to Itchetucknee Springs State Park in Fort White, Florida. Aprox. 100 miles from our house. We were told about this place by some friends, who lived here nearby us, before they moved to C.O. (miss them a lot) a year ago.They raved about it, and how great it was! Well that was like 5 yrs ago! So when my Birthday rolled around, I asked for two things, to get my ears pierced and to go to Itchetucknee. So, that’s what we did. We took some friends with us. My Best friend, Violet, and her family came, and Sam Cook, my good friend, and his family came with us also. Actually, when I say Sam’s family came, picture 7 boys, 2 girls, and their dad! Yea a whole lot of us where there, but that just made it more awesome =).
We came prepared to go tubing, down the river, and go swimming in the head spring, and Blue hole. We also brought picnic lunch stuff. So, my family got there around 10-ish, in the morning. As we were waiting for our friends to show up, we formulated a plan. We would go swimming in the head spring, until everyone showed up, then we would eat lunch and hit the river! So that’s what we did. we swam in the Head spring for a while, which was awesome, but cold. You see, the head spring, stays at 72 degrees , year round, so it is a little chilly, when you first get in. But after so many times of going swimming in cold water at the beach, I’ve learned that in order to deal with it, you just dive in head first, and then you will get used to it. Besides Last Sunday started out as a rather hot day, so it was like, you would dive in, and finally stop freezing, and shivering, and then, once you were in totally,if you got out you were like, wow it’s hot, I gotta get back in! =)
Around 11 am, the Cook Clan, showed up. So we went swimming with them, and pushed people in the water, and dove in, and practiced flips and dives,and stuff. That was a lot of fun. After doing that a while, we wanted to go over to the Blue hole, to see what it looked like and kinda just see it. So we walked about ten minutes to the south, in the woods, to the blue hole. The blue hole is a giant hole or cave rather in the ground, that goes down for quite a ways and it’s crystal clear, blue. None of us Children had ever seen or been to a Blue hole, so it was pretty cool. Papa, and I went out into the middle of the water, and swam around looking down into the hole for a couple of minutes, but the current from the spring, was moving at a considerably swift rate, so it was sort of hard to swim in there. My arms wanted to fall off, when I got out.
After all that swimming, Violet and her family, finally arrived, so we all ate lunch together. We had sandwiches, and guacamole, and potato salad and chips, and all kinds of stuff, for lunch! After lunch we all got read to go for a float down the river. It was a two and a half hour trip, for us, so we wanted to make sure we did not take anything with us, that could either get lost, or that we would not want to carry, during the trip.
Now the State park has a certain system set up, so that you don’t get stranded and that you can get home when you get out of the river. So how this works is that, you arrive in the North entrance of the park, drop off all your tubes, passengers, and whatever else and then, when you are ready to get on the river, one person from your group, will take your car about fifteen minutes away, to the south entrance, and then a shuttle will bring them back.The only glitch, is that the shuttle that brings the drivers back, waits till it’s full, to bring everybody back, which amounts to about a 45 minute wait. So we would be waiting a while, before we got on the river, because we all wanted to tube down together.
So while we were waiting for our extra group members to get back, some of the younger children went to play at the playground there, while the teenagers (yes that includes me) all sat around joking around and chatting with each other, that was really cool. And just imagine after talking for about 4 & 1/2 hour straight, almost, where did my voice go?! =P Yea I had almost no voice after that. Well and also when we were on the river, we were kinda hollering back and forth to each other, between tubes =) But it was really fun. I think my favorite part of the trip was the fact that it was so relaxing to just float down the river, and chat with my friends, and just hang out! Violet and I got a double tube, so we were on that, and then we, somehow fit three people on our two person tube, so that was Me, Violet and Maggie, all on one double tube, and then, we had Sam’s tube tied to ours, so we were all floating together. It was pretty awesome. A few times while we were floating along, we came to some really narrow areas and there were like trees over the river and stuff, so that was kinda funny to see how each “team” tackled” the obstacles =) We all kept with in Shouting distance of each other so yea. In the middle of the trip, it started to drizzle, and lightning stuck about oh, i would say like 1 8 or 10 miles away. So we were all like, looking at the pretty spectacular lightning show, and hoping it would not get any closer. Also, once it started to drizzle, we all got sorta chilly, because by that time we were mostly dried off, except for our bottoms, which were in the water, of course. So most of the group was pretty ready to get out, as soon as the dock came into view, With the exception of one group of tubes. Can you guess? Violet and I were kinda cold, but we were ready to deal with it if we could just keep going! We wanted to keep floating, down the river! But once we got to the first half way mark, landing, it was already like 5:30 pm, and if we had kept going we would have had another 2 more hours to float, before we could get out, so yea we did not do the whole trip, but Vi and I plan on talking our parents into letting us do the whole trip. next time =)
Well I should go, so that’s all for now =) We hope to go back, some time really soon, and we all look forward to that time =)
Shabbat Shalom, y’all =)