1-1-2015 ?

8 months and counting?

The best girl a guy could ever ask for?

Taking your princess out?

You would think that I would have moved on by now,

I mean it’s only been 8 1/2 MONTHS!

Why didn’t we make it that far?

Just think,

8 months of heaven,

taking me out,

You and I going fishing on Labor day,

but we only made it through 2 months,

the two most busy months of our High School years,

and we didn’t make it,

You were stressed over Football,

I was stretched to thin with Volleyball,

it all started exactly a year ago,

why haven’t I gotten over all these feelings yet?

I haven’t even met her yet,

I can barely get you to text me back anymore,

and worst of all,

a girl on my team reminds me of your sister,

I know I shouldn’t,

But I swear I think about you, at least once a day,

and when I do,

I always remember that time,

like 3 months ago,

we were texting,

and just talking about our past together,

and you told me,

that you regretted never kissing me,

I feel so guilty,

and I don’t know what for,

this is torture,

when we broke up,

my heart broke up,

and I have tried to put it back together,

but I always end up like this,



mad at myself,

and thinking abut you,

way. to. much.

One un-findable thing

True Love Exists,

You just have to find it,

Hidden in the most unexpected of places,

there it  abodes,

1,000 miles away,

Or in a house on the other side of the block,

Knock and the door will open,

seek and you will find,

Search and it shall be given,

that’s a promise.

So open every door,

be friends with everyone,

keep looking,

don’t worry,

they are out there somewhere,

And when the time is right,




your true love.

You just might already know them.

                                            ~Sunshine Tucker           5-9-2014

For that special someone everyone has, and whoever I meet, someday. =)